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15 Hidden Missions in GTA 5 You Probably Didn’t Know



GTA 5 is one of the best open-world games of all time. GTA 5 comes with amazing features, which makes it even more exciting.  Moreover, players can create their own storyline and a lot more. We have discovered something crazy again. Today, we will be revealing Grand Theft Auto 5 15 hidden missions you probably ignorant of them. Let’s begin with our first GTA 5 hidden mission.

Illegal Immigrants

We all know who immigrants are. In the game, Trevor has friends named Josef and Joe, who are protecting America from illegal immigrants. In this mission, Trevor acts as a Civil Border Police person. To act in the Civil Border Patrol, Trevor has to travel to the Grand Senora Desert to meet with Josef and Joe.

Fight With Aliens

Fighting with Aliens is kind of crazy. But, do not worry, we are doing in the virtual world. GTA 5 has a mission, where you can really fight with Aliens. However, to play this mission your character should be Michael in the virtual world.

Managing Your Owned Properties

In this mission, you can actually manage your reserved properties in GTA 5. It is exactly similar to the real world’s Real Estate industry. In the game, you will have your reserved properties and a manager, who will collect money from all of your properties. To play this mission, your character should be Franklin.

Arms Supplying Company

To enjoy this mission, your player should be Trevor. Trevor makes extra cash by arms trafficking or illegal supplying of guns. Trevor uses different transportation to deliver illegal supplies to the ordered places.

Solving A Mysterious Death At Sea

There is a mission in which you can truly play a role of Private Investigator. To play this mission, your character should be Michael. You have to solve a mysterious death case. In the end, you will be rewarded with some cash.


Hunting is the best activity in GTA 5 to take a break from all other intense missions. However, your character should be Trevor. Trevor’s friend Cletus asks him to hunt a deer and Trevor happily agrees to him.

Saving Someone From Death

GTA 5 has two players named Thelma and Louise, who are going to lose their lives because of falling from the cliff. You have to stop them from doing it. Police is already catching them and you have to also do the same.

Obtain Hidden Caches Of Money

Basically, this mission will allow you to treasure hunt. To play this mission, your player should have a high lung capacity stats or a scuba suit. The maximum amount you can win through this hidden mission is $25,000, only once.

Make Millions By Attacking People

You can make millions by assassinating people. To enjoy this task, your player should be set as Franklin. You will get to know about this task after completing “Fame or Shame”. Minutes after that, you will receive a call from Lester, who will ask you to attack people for extra money.

Hunt Sasquatch

To be able to play this mission, again your player should be set as  Franklin. Moreover, you will able to play this mission after completing the full game. You have to reach to question mark in Raton Canyon, where you will meet sasquatch hunter.

Solve The Murder Mystery Of Leonora Johnson

The best part is all three character can play this mission after completing the “Repossession” mission in the game. As a player, you have to collect all the 50 scraps shown on the map. After that, you will be redirected to the killer’s home.

Collect Nuclear Waste From The SEA In A Submarine

After completing “The Merryweather Heist” mission, you will be able to play this mission. Again, all three characters will be able to play this mission. After collecting all 30 nuclear wastes, you will earn $250,000 as a bonus.

Unlock A Space Vehicle

GTA 5 features a large number of unique and whacky vehicles. To enjoy this mission, your player should be Franklin. You can acquire this space vehicle by collecting 50 spaceship parts. Moreover, you have to complete the “Far Out” mission first. Let’s move ahead to our next hidden mission of GTA 5.

Become A Saint

To play this mission as Michael, you have to go to the Epsilon website, where you have to complete a small survey. Then, a question mark will be placed on your map from where the mission begins. There will be a total of 8 missions in the program.

Kidnap People For A Cannibal Group

To start this mission, you have to first complete this mission called “Nervous Ron” as Trevor. After completing the mission, you will receive a text message from your assistant Ron.
These are the 15 Hidden Missions You Probably Didn’t Know in GTA 5. That’s all for this article. Keep Stalking TechBurner For More Stuff.

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