5 Best Smartphone Under 40000 For Gaming in India [July 2022]



As you all know that the gaming smartphone must have a high-end processor. Although when we talk about high-end processors, it comes with a high price. Yet, it is not an easy task to choose the best smartphone under 40000 for gaming in India.

So we decided to list out the best smartphones for gaming under your budget. And we did some research trying to figure out that which smartphone you should pick for gaming if you have a budget of 40000 Rs. Now we have curated a list of the 7 best gaming smartphone under 40000 Rs in India.

5 Best Gaming Smartphone Under 40000 Rs in India

So here is the list of the best gaming smartphones that you should surely look for if you are a gamer and looking to buy a new smartphone:

Smartphone Price (INR)
iQOO 9 SE 33,990 [BUY HERE]
OnePlus 10R 38,999 [BUY HERE]
Realme GT Neo 3 5G 35,999 [BUY HERE]
Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro 5G 37,999 [BUY HERE]
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 35,190 [BUY HERE]

5 Best Smartphone Under 40000 For Gaming in India

It was just a list, if you’re still confused, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let us now discuss the reasons for the same smartphones and how to select the best one for you. These smartphone prices range from 35 to 40K, as shown in the table above. Let’s go over them in more detail below:


It is yet another one of the best and most recently launched smartphones that you can get for around 30-35K. If you have Qualcomm as your processor’s preference over MediaTek then you can go with iQOO 9 SE. This smartphone comes with the Qualcomm-powered Snapdragon 888. It is the flagship processor based on a 5 nm chip, and it features Adreno 660 GPU, Moreover, it also comes with Octa-core Kryo 680. Other than a great processor, this device also comes with a 120Hz screen refresh rate. Additionally, it comes with a dedicated game mode that will serve you with a better gaming experience.

OnePlus 10R

The OnePlus 10R is the final smartphone on our list of the top gaming smartphones under 40000 in India. This is the successor of the OnePlus 9-series and features the MediaTek 8100 processor.

These specifications look excellent on paper. The difficulty with this smartphone, however, is the optimization. It has the same processor as the Realme GT Neo 3, but it can only run BGMI at HD/High settings. Realme GT Neo 3 can run it in HDR/Ultra mode. This issue, however, can be addressed in future releases. If you can wait and are not prepared to spend this much money on a Realme smartphone, the OnePlus 10R is a good option.

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Realme GT Neo 3

This comes in our list of the best smartphone under 40000 for gaming in India as it is one of the latest smartphones and comes with the latest MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor. This processor is based on 5 nm tech and an octa-core CPU with a speed of up to 2.85GHz, and the latest Arm Mali-G610 MC6 graphics engine. Other than these processor-based specs, it also comes with a dedicated gaming mode and a GT mode to enhance the gaming experience. Also, it comes with a 120Hz screen refresh rate for better and more responsive gaming. This smartphone is a good option as it is one of the most recent and can be said one of the best in terms of gaming.

Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro 5G

It made it to our list of the best smartphone under 40000 for gaming in India. Now if you are a Xiaomi user and like the customizability and other aspects that Xiaomi offers. Then this is the device you should look for. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the same processor specs as the above smartphones. However, this smartphone is older compared to the iQOO 9 SE and Realme GT 2. It is also equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen. So you can go with it if you are familiar with MIUI and like its features.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

This smartphone is for you if you love Samsung and were disappointed not to find your preferred brand on the list. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor powers it. The graphics on this chip are Adreno 650, while the CPU is Kryo 585. The successor to this smartphone hasn’t been introduced in a time. But it does sport a super AMOLED screen. So, if you enjoy gaming and are a fan of Samsung, this phone is for you.

5 Best Gaming Smartphone Under 40000 in India

The CPU, screen refresh rate, and other gaming features should be taken into account if you want to purchase a gaming smartphone on a tight budget. Due to their specialized game modes and recent releases, the Realme GT 2 and iQOO 9 SE are the greatest smartphones according to our recommendations. Depending on your brand preference and other considerations, you can choose one of these two smartphones. We can now conclude this article.

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