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5 Best Tips to reach Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire



Getting the rank of Grandmaster in Free Fire is a title dedicated to the best players. Grandmaster is a very high level in Free Fire that most players cannot reach. It takes a lot of time, patience, and many exceptions to get to the top. Unfortunately, this is something not everyone can achieve. But, the game also has many modes that will help you reach the rank of Grandmaster. For example, Clash Squad has a Ranked mode that you can play if you are tired of leveling up in the normal mode. There are many reasons that prevent players from accessing the Grandmaster of Free Fire, such as time constraints, bad teammates, etc. So, check out these five tips to reach Grandmaster rank in Free Fire along with tips to get rid of difficulties in increasing your rank.

Mastering Skills for Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire

What players always do is try to improve skills like combat effectiveness. In Free Fire, players must master many skills. It improves your chances of winning. For example, in order to better defend against multiple attackers, learn some 360-degree wall tricks. To provide an advantage in combat, learning skills like aimless shooting, drag and drop spin, back wall flares running, etc. allows the player to block attacks from all sides and directions and stay safe within seconds. At this time, they can heal and plan a counterattack.

Giving Efforts

Another major reason why many Free Fire players fail to reach the Grandmaster level is the lack of effort i.e. they are unwilling or unable to devote much time to the game. Many players tend to stop ranking after they reach the heroic level. In order to reach high levels in this BR game, you have to put in time and effort.
When you level up as high as Heroic, you will rank lower because you get lower rank points for Booyah. Also, it’s hard to get Booyah when you meet more pro players at higher levels.

Playing with Many Weapons

No matter how powerful a weapon is, relying on it alone is not the best way to play Free Fire. Players need to understand how to use abilities in different situations and supplement them with useful items.
Sometimes during combat, the Flashbang can do things that an assault rifle can’t. Although it does almost no damage, the enemy will be blinded and can be easily destroyed.

Skill Gap for Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire

As you reach higher levels and ranks in Free Fire, you will meet more real players with great skills. You will then notice a larger skill gap between you and these professional players. Even if two players get the same number of points, one will definitely be better than the other.

Low-skilled players will be killed repeatedly until they improve their skills or refuse to rise in rank. This limits a player’s ability to earn points through elimination. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid this in any match. This is a common reason why many players fail to reach the Grandmaster in Free Fire. The only solution for players is to train harder and become better. Players can try playing with an experienced team to get more combat experience. It will take a lot of time and patience, but it is achievable. Therefore, you have to improve your skills before you can reach a higher rank.

Playing with Good Teammates

The best advice to reach the rank of Grandmaster in Free Fire is to have a permanent team. If you do not have a permanent team to play with, it will be difficult for you to rise in the ranks. Many players prefer to play alone, but they will lose the game if they get a head injury without being revived like in Duo and Squad modes. If you repeatedly get minus rank points while playing alone or playing with your teammates at random, your rank will drop. Moreover, many players often get upset and give up when they get negative points too often. But many players find it difficult to find a good permanent team. So, form yourself a team consisting of your best friends so that together you can climb the rankings. Or try becoming part of a squad you’ve already formed to continue networking and strategizing.

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