5 Best Tips while Rushing at Campers in Free Fire



Camping is widely used by players in Free Fire. Players can use it in battle royale mode, and if done correctly, they will get a lot of kills. If opponents use this technique, surviving in Garena Free Fire becomes very difficult. Free Fire players need to plan properly in order to facilitate survival and thus secure victory in the game. Campers are usually a nuisance in Free Fire. They collect the loot at the beginning of the game and then store it in one place. From there they kill by taking pictures of any unsuspecting member that gets inside. Attacking all these opponents is a difficult task for many players. Going towards Campers is definitely a difficult task while defeating them is quite possible, players just have to follow these tips while Rushing at Campers in Free Fire

Top 5 Tips While Rushing at Campers in Free Fire

Not Relying only on Weapons

Weapons and talents will undoubtedly help destroy opponents in Free Fire. When fighting campers in Free Fire, players must be very creative. Relying on weapons alone is not a smart strategy. They must use all the abilities and useful items available to them to facilitate the task. Players must adapt and use tactical tools to defeat enemies from cover. With more tactical options available, players can choose how best to engage the camp.
For example, hardcore players can throw flash-bang grenades to blind them, rather than speeding up camp right away. If executed properly, they will remain defenseless. Without the ability to see, players can jump over it to kill safely.

Charging in with Gloo walls or Smoke

Often, when chasing the camper in Free Fire, players forget to place gloo walls or use smoke for protection. If this is done in an empty area, the enemies will easily block the path of attack. They use a natural hard surface to block incoming projectiles. While the strategy is viable, there are risks. If that is executed on clear terrain, enemies will stonewall the assault with ease. For example, if the hardcovers are in an area at a large distance from each other, players can shoot them when doing micro-rotation. This can lead to either elimination or injury and the need to waste medications.

Rush With Full Squad on Campers in Free Fire

When playing as a team in Free Fire, players should not rush alone, or at least notify their teammates before doing so. You will not be able to break into a house if all your teammates enter an occupied house. Rushing alone when playing in teams is a bad idea, this stupid mistake can destroy your entire team. Campers can jump out of the house through the windows and clear your team with grenades or land mines. Or they can kick you out, and your squad will still be broken.
Working as a team is highly recommended, as well as clear communication and instructions to each team member. If the cohesion is fine, it will not be difficult to rush into the enemy team.

Not Moving through Open Ground to Attack

If there is a lot of open space between the camper and the player, it is not recommended to rush without using gloo walls or identifying blind spots on the road, this should be avoided at all costs. Moving through the open areas is the last thing players have to do. Without a basic hardcover, the opponent will have a clean shooting angle and will be able to kill the player or pin them indefinitely.
In these scenarios, players must find a way around or either not engage the camper at all or try to use the gloo walls and smokes as cover as they move on. If there will be a lack of cover in the area, then losing in the match will be confirmed.

Having a Plan or Strategy for Campers in Free Fire

Rushing without a plan is one of the worst decisions players can make in Free Fire. It goes without saying that rushing for a hard-to-reach target without a plan will lead to disaster.
Players should not forget that campers will not be helpless in Free Fire. They would definitely be loaded with supplies. They would simply be able to support themselves in combat. Even sometimes, they will rush out and counterattacks.
Before going, players must plan and strategize accordingly on how they can best throw themselves at the opponent. In addition to planning, players must use items such as smoke bombs and gloo walls to increase their chances of winning.

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