5 Tips to Enhance K/D Ratio in Free Fire



Free Fire is a fast-paced multiplayer battle royale game. Players need to know the multiple mechanics of the game to perform better and have a good game. Many players have a tendency of moving fast around the map. These players are known as rush players. However, not everyone is not a fast-paced player, but they still want to enhance the K/D ratio. K/D ratio is an important part of a player’s personal statistics. It stands for kill-to-death ratio. This ratio is to calculate your performance in the game based on the number of players you killed, and the times that you were killed. These tips to enhance the K/D ratio for non-aggressive players in Free Fire will help you understand the game better, and kill more players.


5 Tips to Enhance K/D Ratio for Non-Aggressive Players

Practise is the key to better performance and more kills in Free Fire, but following these tips will help you better the practise drills. These tips will also help you understand the game and the enemies better.

Stealth for the Advantage

Closing in on your enemy is always a smart way to attack, and doing that requires stealth. It is very easy to attack the enemy carelessly, but planning the placement and the location of your attack can give you an upper hand over your enemies. Supporting weapons like the smoke grenade or the flashbang can disarm the enemies for a short time, creating an opening for your attack.

Do Not Rush

Rushing in Free Fire can be risky if you have not spent enough time playing the game. Rush players are always under the threat of getting spotted and killed. Rushing in Free Fire should be your last resort if you are surrounded by enemies. Try to move around the map strategically to elongate your survival. Players should only rush when they have no other option in the game.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Camp

Survival should be your primary objective while playing Free Fire. A lot of players choose to camp in an attempt to stay longer in the match. Camping is usually looked down upon by the community, but if you think a position or location can be beneficial for you, you and your squad should try every means to hold that position. If you are not in support of camping, then you can hold a certain location on the map where you and your squad can take up kills. In the end, it is all about winning the match, and you should take drastic measures to make sure that happens.

Indoor Fights Can be The End

There are several buildings in Free Fire, and a number of players hide or take cover in these houses or buildings too. However, getting into or initiating a fight in these buildings can be a very choice for you and your squad. Rushing on the enemy indoors can take you straight to a trap laid by the enemies. You and your squad can get caught in cross-firing and become prey to the camping formations of your enemies.

If you are sure about the enemies’ location indoors, using throwables like the Frag grenade or the flashbang can help you get the enemies out in the open.

Suppress the Sounds

Guns in Free Fire make a lot of noise when fired. Using attachments like Muzzles and suppressors can help increase the stealth quotient in your gameplay. A suppressor allows you to shoot at your enemies without revealing your or your squad’s location. Attaching the suppressor will not make your nearby enemies aware of your gun sounds. This can also help the players in rotating successfully from the area under attack.

These were 5 tips to enhance K/D ratio for non-aggressive players in Free Fire. For more such game guides and articles, follow Techburner.

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