5 Tips to Reach Heroic Rank or Above in Free Fire MAX



In gaming, the one with the highest rank is considered a pro. No matter the game whether it’s BGMI, Free Fire MAX, Apex Legends Mobile or any other. Everyone wants to get the highest title to stand out in the crowd. In Free Fire MAX there are three top titles that a player can get: Heroic, Master and Grandmaster. As everyone is trying to get these titles, it becomes a little difficult to score good points in each game. Today we are going to tell you about 5 tips to reach Heroic rank or above in Free Fire MAX. As you gain more points your rank keeps increasing and the chances to encounter other pro players get increased. To gain the highest rank faster there are some tips that we have listed in this article that will help you in the game while playing.

5 Tips to Reach Heroic Rank or Above in Free Fire MAX

Play with Squad

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Rank pushing is a lengthy process to acquire points for level up, you have to devote all your time to the game to gain the highest rank. Playing as a solo player may take a while to reach your goal. There are high chances to get points decreased while playing solo. However, for longer gameplay, you should play with a squad. Playing as a squad will help you boost your rank faster, there are fewer chances to get points deducted as your teammates will save you in time of need. But to play without any issues you should have proper coordination with your teammates so your gameplay strategy is executed flawlessly.

Character and Pet Skill Combination

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The longer you are in the game the more chances of acquiring more points get increased. There are many methods through which you can survive longer in the game but there are chances that you gain fewer points. In Free Fire MAX your character and pet have abilities that can help you survive longer in the game. If you are going solo then you can use characters like Alok and K, as they help you sustain health points (HP). In duo and squad, Dimitri is the best character you can choose. The player should also include pets in your skill combination that will enhance your character’s abilities. There is one thing that you must remember your abilities and combination must be built so that each teammate can help each other.

Revival Zone Strategy

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Free Fire MAX is packed with fun abilities and feature that helps y9ou during your gameplay. Revival Zone is one of them, it allows the player to revive their eliminated teammates. If you have a proper strategy o use this feature it will surely help you in gaining points. One of the tactics would be that three members of a squad will land on their usual drop location while the one remaining will land in the no man’s area where revival pints are usually found. Through this, the three players can engage in the early battle and if even they get eliminated the fourth member can revive them using the revival zone.

Use Bonfire Loadout

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Most of the players don’t consider using the loadout while entering the game. If you are rank pushing we would recommend you to use the loadout. As it can help you in various battle situations by providing you supplements. There are many loadouts available from which you can choose like Bonefire, Summon Airdrop, Resupply Map, and Bounty Token under the survival heading. If you are playing a ranked match we would recommend you to choose the Bonfire loadout. This loadout can help players gain HP, you can use this loadout while the zone is coming and you are short on medical supplies.

Booyah Should be the priority

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There are many factors in the game through which your points are decided. Your survival time and Booyah matters the most in Free Fire MAX. If a player has reached the final zone with enough kills to secure good points but doesn’t win the game. The difference between the winner and the other player will be massive. So, if you want to gain more points to reach Heroic or above rank faster, Booyah would be the priority. You can do this by following easy tactics like camping or playing passively to survive till the last zone with your teammates. So you can easily win the game to get more points than other players.


So, these were some of our 5 tips to reach Heroic rank or above in Free Fire MAX. Just follow all the tips combined with a good strategy and get the highest title more quickly than others. However, to execute all the tips it is important to have good coordination with your teammates. Having good coordination with your teammates can help you in many battle situations. Now, if you are rank pushing we would recommend you to try out these tips to reach your target faster than others.

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