5 Tips to Survive Longer in Free Fire During rank Push



As mobile gaming is evolving more new battle royal games are creating their presence. Free Fire is among them, overtime game has improved and has been offering players many new levels and guns which makes it more enjoyable. If you are a Free Fire player then at some point you must have tried to rank push and faced many difficulties. Today we are going to tell you 5 tips to survive longer in Free Fire during the rank push. We included the most important tips that can help you get the Booyah in every game. However, instead of Free Fire, you play any other game these tips are also going to help you achieve the top tier in it too. Just read the article till the end to know all the tips to survive longer in Free Fire. So, without making any more delay let’s get started.

5 Tips to Survive Longer in Free Fire During rank Push

Surviving is a crucial part of any game and when it comes to battle royal games it plays an important role in winning the game. When you are on lower-tier it is easy to get points even when you are playing aggressively. On the low tier, not that many points get deducted as compared to higher ones and it is easy to gain them again. But when it comes to rank push on higher tier it gets more difficult to get points. If for any reason players are not able to achieve Booyah in every game. Holding a higher rank by surviving can also benefit you in good points. So, you should keep in mind all the tips to survive longer in Free Fire ranked mode.

Fast Landing

If you want to survive longer, you should try to land more swiftly and accurately. This will help you to gather initial supplies before anyone which will lead to an advantage. Even the pistol can make a difference in your survival as others will be trying to gather helmets and vests to deal with the damage. So, you will be easily able to finish them after they land.

Avoid Hot Drops

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Most of the players try to grab as many kills as they can after the land, but sometimes it might backfire and cause point loss. So, if you want to survive longer avoid hot drops. Some of the hot drop locations in Free Fire are Peak, Clock Tower, Bimasakti Strip, Brasilia and Refinery. So if you want to survive longer we would suggest you avoid these hot drop places.

Play Squad and Provide timely Backup

Playing in a squad can be beneficial because there are high chances of survival as a team. However, when you are playing in a squad you have to remember to provide your teammates timely backup so that you don’t lose them in a battle. When you are playing solo there are very less chances of any mistake because there is no one to revive you if you get knocked down. But squad gameplays are more fun and can get you more points which can help you in your rank push.

Be Stealthy and Always Use Cover

When players are at a lower rank it is easy to do rank push because even if you die in the game not that many points will get decreased. Which gives them an advantage in this situation to go all out. However, as your player starts to gain more and more tiers the points get more strict. In this situation, we would recommend you to maintain stealth and always stay on cover to avoid damage from the enemies. If you are in an open area you can use Gloo walls to create a cover for yourself.

Collect Sufficient Supplies

The key to winning any game is supplies if you have decided to play safely collecting enough supplies can give you the upper hand during a match. We would suggest you choose good weapons instead of ordinary ones. Collect medical supplies to keep your HP and EP always high. In this way, you will always stay at an advantage when other players are attacking you. You can provide your teammates with supplies in time of need which can lead to a good game. Who knows you might get a Booyah with your team in Free Fire.


If you are a Free Fire player and usually do rank pushes, then you can try out all the tips mentioned in this article. We have mentioned all the necessary points that are required to get a higher tier without losing more points. The only thing that is required for you is to keep grinding your skills and play with your teammates for more enjoyment. Now try out all the mentioned tips to survive longer in Free Fire during a rank push.

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