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5 Tips to Use Gloo Walls in Free Fire MAX



Recently Indian government had banned few more Chinese apps and Free Fire was one of them. But there is a secondary game by Garena called Free Fire MAX which is also loved by many veteran Free Fire players. The game is packed with many features and items that make it more enjoyable to play. Gloo walls are the best way to keep yourself safe from enemy fire in Free Fire MAX. In this article, we are going to tell you about 5 tips to use Gloo walls in Free Fire MAX. Using Gloo walls in Free Fire MAX allows players to push against the enemy by sustaining less damage. There are a few advanced tips that we are going to share that can give players the edge while rushing on enemies. Use these tips in Free Fire MAX while going all out. So, without any more delay let’s, get started.

5 Tips to Use Gloo Walls in Free Fire MAX

Place the wall next to the hard cover

While you are rushing on an opponent in Free Fire MAX, the best cover you can create to stay safe from fire is by placing the wall next to the hard cover. Having more space while in cover can give your upper hand while shooting. If the Gloo wall is destroyed, in that scenario you can quickly shift to hard cover. This will improve your chances of survival while rushing on enemies and securing kills.

Place the Gloo walls to block the enemy while the counter rushes

When you are rushing in Free Fire MAX sometimes enemies try to stop your rushes by counter rushes. At that moment Gloo walls are the perfect cover you can get to deal with enemies. To stop the counter rushes place the Gloo wall to block the enemies, this will give you more chance to flank around the wall and eliminate the other player.

Use Double Gloo Walls to avoid grenade damage 

In the Free Fire MAX guns are the best way to give damage to other players. However, in some scenarios players use a grenade to damage each other, this is where Gloo walls come in handy. Defending against grenades is a bit difficult, but you can minimize the damage by placing two Gloo walls close to each other. This method can be very useful if one wall is lost the second one is there to keep you safe from the damage.

Place the Gloo wall as far as possible while running

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When you are rushing towards the enemy it is always a good idea to place Gloo walls as far as possible. This will give you enough radius to get into the safe area from the enemy fire. Placing the Gloo wall far will also block enemy sight which will give you an upper hand during the rushes. It will be difficult for them to spot you properly unless they manage to get higher ground.

Stack up the Gloo walls if the enemy has higher ground

While rushing towards the enemy sometimes you found yourself in a situation where the enemy has a higher ground which will give them a better shooting angle. Which can ease their work of securing headshots. To prevent this from happening and losing lots of HP you can stack up the Gloo walls. In simple words place Gloo walls on top of others for minimal damage. By doing this enemy vision will be blocked and players can have a lot more chances of survival while rushing uphill.


If you found yourself in a situation where your enemy has the upper hand while rushing. Then you can follow all the above tips to use Gloo walls without losing excess HP. Gloo walls are the best way to keep yourself safe from the enemy fire while rushing towards them and countering their rushes. All you need is a good strategy to use them and the battle is yours. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and the game is yours.

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