50 Million Users Data Hack on Facebook



Data breaching is becoming common these days. Actually, we don’t know how precious & valuable our data. Nowadays political organization, brands, survey tools buy our data for some bucks and use it for there business benefits. Our date helps to understand the preference of people, and organizations work accordingly to gain profit. Like the Facebook data leak is the biggest example of data breaching.

50 Million Users Data Hack

Recently Facebook which is one of the biggest tech giants has a Data Breaching Scandal. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook confirmed that almost 50 Million users data has been hacked by the Hackers. The hackers took the access token of around 90 Million users due to which they are able to see your profile.

What is Access Token

When you connect through the app or web using Facebook Login and approves the request that is ‘remember me’. The Facebook creates the access token which gives the temporary secure access to Facebook API.

Steps Taken By Facebook

Facebook said 2.3 Billion users log out and login across many devices to prevent the hackers from accessing your access token. Also, Facebook said that they had reset the access token of the accounts that are affected by this.

Also, Facebook confirmed that the other social networking sites like Instagram and WhatsApp are not affected by this and they are safe while in contrast with the Data Breaching Scandal.

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Steps to Keep your Data safe

1. Always use secure passwords and a trusted password manager.

2. Check your security settings which help to see in which devices you are log in.

3. Enable two steps authentication and notifications to prevent from being misused.

4. Don’t open any phishing sites and scams and try to avoid that.

So tell us what do you think about the Data breaching scandal by big tech giants. Is it acceptable? Do you think our data is really secure on the Internet?

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