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Abu Dhabi Has The World’s Largest Single-site Solar Power Plant



World’s largest single-site solar plant is located at Sweihan in the southeast of Abu Dhabi. This solar plant features 3.2 million solar panels and produces clean and renewable energy that will power 90,000 households in the emirate. On Wednesday, Abu Dhabi Media Office released a video that offers a stunning look at the plant.

Credits – ADMediaOffice

This power plant will eventually replace existing conventional gas-fired power plants, the Khaleej Times reported. The plant has the capacity to reduce Co2 emissions of Abu Dhabi by 1 million tonnes. This means that it can make an environmental impact equivalent to taking 200K cars off the roads. UAE is aiming to meet 44% of its energy needs through clean energy by 2050. Also, Abu Dhabi announced the construction of yet another plant bigger than this one in July, last year.

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