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AiryxOS: The Next Open-Source MacOS Distro



There are lots of outstanding desktop Linux variants that serve as viable alternatives to Windows or macOS. But there are a few open-source operating systems that are direct clones of the commercial ones. Some of these distorts are ReactOS (Windows), Haiku (BeOS), FreeDOS (MS-DOS), and so on. Now, AiryxOS is going to be a member of this list. It is creating a combination of the interface and program design of macOS. With the adaptability of FreeBSD, AiryxOS is in the early phases of development. So, we have to wait to get the open-source macOS with complete support for Mac apps. Zo Knox is the principal developer of this ambitious project. Excited to know right? In this post, we will tell you all the details about this upcoming open-source macOS, AiryxOS. So, stay tuned! 

AiryxOS: The Next Open-Source macOS

AiryxOS has expressed its ambitions to provide open-source and binary compatibility with Mac apps. Airyx can compile macOS software and run an existing macOS app. Also, you will get a Mac-like interface and folder architecture. Their goal is like Mac’s “pleasant to use, safe, reliable, and highly efficient” design. AiryxOS also has code and resources in common with helloSystem. It’s a FreeBSD distribution with a Mac-like interface.

But as we have observed that the full support for current macOS software is likely a long way off. Obviously, hundreds of engineers are working on it. Yet it still does not have flawless compatibility for Windows apps. However, the FreeBSD foundation should make the work simpler. Also, it allows for the use of native FreeBSD programs and some Linux software. The provided Firefox program, for example, is the FreeBSD version.

Currently, it has released the first stable version v0.3.0 in May 2021. There isn’t much you can do there right now, but the project has gone a great way in a short time. If you want to give it a go, visit the official website (

So, that’s all for today. Let’s see when we get the full-fledged open-source macOS software. Till that, follow TechBurner for more updates!

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