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Apex Legends is about to get much better. With just a few hours left before the Season 11 update, players around the world want to know the exact start time when they can participate and play the latest update. The latest video, Stories from the Outlands, features a new legend, tropical island-themed map, and SMG CAR from Titanfall in the latest Season 11 update. The release date and start time for Apex Legends Season 11 is about to bend, and EA has shared patch notes and information about its new map stunts. Titanfall 2 fans are very worried about the upcoming release because of Ash. She’s a new character on the game’s composite roster, a former scientist who fought the boss in Titanfall 2. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 11: Escape, including release date, start time, and more.

Apex Legends Season 11 Release Date in India


Respawn Entertainment has officially announced the release date: Season 11 of Apex Legends will begin on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, and is expected to begin at 17:00 GMT i.e. 10:30 PM IST. The Season 10 Battle Pass currently ends on November 1, so there will be less than one day between seasons. However, there is no official data regarding the exact time of its release. The time mentioned above is when new updates, events, and seasons usually appear in the game. None of these hours has been confirmed, but that’s when new events and releases always come out. Anyway, we know that the new version is definitely coming out on November 2nd, so make sure you’re prepared.

Apex Legends Season 11 Features

The Apex Legends Season 11 update will introduce a new Battle Pass, a new Ranked Arena and BR season, and a new set of updates and tweaks. However, this is all standard – at this point, we know roughly what to expect from the Apex Legends update. In particular, it is worth talking about some new content.

New character: Ash

Season 11 of Apex Legends introduces a new character, Ash. Known as the antagonist in Titanfall 2, Ash isn’t entirely new to Apex Legends, as Respawn has been teasing her as a potential character since Season 5.

Ash is currently working as a commentator in Arenas, although that may change when she joins. Apex games. Ash is a parody of Horizon’s former assistant, Dr Reed, who betrayed and imprisoned her in a black hole for 87 years, as described in Stories from Outside – The Promise.

Ash is an offensive legend whose abilities focus on leading his team into battle. Its passive death mark shows the last death chests on the map and marks the surviving attackers. Her tactical ability, Arc Snare, allows Ash to cast a spinning trap that will hook and damage the first enemy that comes close to him. Finally, her ultimate ability is Phase Breach, which allows her to open a one-way portal to a specific location, accessible to all Legends – friendly or otherwise.

New Weapon: C.A.R. SMG


Escape will bring new weapons to Apex Legends, and like Ash, they’re from Titanfall. a car. The SMG is expected to be somewhere between the R-301 and the R-99, providing more damage than the R-301, with a shorter range and close rate of fire than the R-99. The trailer for Escape also shows a special trick for C.A.R. SMG, where players can switch the type of ammo between heavy and light ammo.

New Map: Storm Point

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape will also add the fourth map to the game, Storm Point. Storm Point is located on a tropical island full of dangerous animals and insects that provide PvE battle points all over the map. Players can fight on the beaches or in the tropical jungle at Storm Point. It also features a huge ship that crashed on the coast as one of the landmarks. Storm Point will also be Apex Legends’ largest map to date, 15% larger than World’s Edge.

The new map also contains the following rewards:

Smart Prize Draw:
Upon death, Prowlers and Spiders have a chance to drop attachments and ammo to your squad depending on your weapon, as well as some consumables and other goodies.

EVO points:
A small percentage of all damage dealt with the wild is rewarded with your EVO shield. This includes flyers

Drafting materials:
To disinfect the nest, you will receive a lot of crafting material, which, upon completion, is divided equally between each member of the group in the nest.

Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes

The patch notes for Apex Legends Season 11 contain information about new Escape weapons and changes to Ranked Battles.
EA and Respawn Entertainment’s new weapon is called the C.A.R. SMG. This submachine gun accepts both heavy and light rounds.
Of course, there will also be a new Battle Pass filled with rewards that have yet to be announced. You will need to complete daily missions and quests to get these goodies.
In terms of differences in RP, the EA has listed the following:

  • Kill RP values ​​now take into account differences between killer/victim rank levels.
  • The maximum number of kills (as we’ve traditionally believed up to this point) is effectively increased from six to seven. However, the kill-related RP ceiling can be achieved in different ways, depending on the level and position difference. Placement is still paramount and you still need to finish first in order to have a chance of getting the maximum RP.

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