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Check Out the Apps that are Compatible on Apple M1 Macs



Apple when unveiled its M1 a silicon-based processor, it broke all record and defeated all the heavy performing flagship processors. Here in this article, we will list out all the apps that support the Apple M1 processor. The list also includes some apps that did not initially support the processor but with new updates, it got the support. However, one or two apps do not support Rosetta 2 even though they are optimized for the Apple M1 processor. So without any further ado let’s directly head into the list of apps.


Apps Version M1 Support Rosetta 2
Backblaze Yes Yes
Microsoft Outlook 16.45 Yes Yes
Simplenote 2.7 Yes Yes
Tunnelblick 3.8.5beta03 Yes Yes
Delicious Library 3.9.3 Yes No
iReal Pro 2020.9 Yes Yes
GrandPrespective 2.5.4 Yes Yes
Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.6.0(1857) Yes Yes
MS Powerpoint 16.45 Yes Yes
MS OneNote 16.45 Yes Yes
MS Word 16.45 Yes Yes
Adblock Pro for Safari 8.1.0+ Yes Yes
Paw 3.2.1 Yes Yes
Newton Yes Yes
FFmpeg 4.3.1 Yes Yes
iTerm 3.4.3+ Yes Yes
ScreenFlick 2.7.57 Yes Yes
TextMate 2.0.16 Yes Yes
IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3.2 Yes Yes
爱奇艺 11.11.5 Yes Yes
IINA 1.2.0 Yes Yes
Homebrew 3.0.0 Yes Yes
Parallels access 6.1.0 Yes No
Skeebus 2.3 Yes No
VLC Yes Yes


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