Top 5 Upcoming Apple Products Rumours: Check!



Apple launched its new 2019 iPhones in the past few months, the iPad Pro in 2018, the 16-inch MacBook Pro recently, the AirPods Pro and more, While the craze of Apple Products in 2019 has increased a lot over than 2018, Apple is expected to a higher growth in 2020 as they will be launching the new iPhone 12 2020 Series, the iPad Pro 2020 and more. Here we will give you a glimpse of an idea on what devices/phones will Apple be launching in 2020.

Top 5 Upcoming Apple Products Rumours:

1. iPad Pro 2020:

Recently, a couple of renders of the upcoming iPad Pro 2020 have surfaced the internet before, showing off two iPads with a 11-inch display and a 12.9-inch display, the renders also show off a triple rear camera setup, the same Face-Id sensor, a Type-C port, dual speakers and metal back along with the same docking pins. Apple is expected to launch this in the Q2 of 2020. You can read in detail here

2. iPhone SE 2:

Apple’s iPhone XR and 11 has been a great success for Apple in terms of number of sales, and Apple may as well launch a new budget iPhone for users who want to buy cheaper iPhones, while the name of the phone is expected to be the iPhone SE 2, according to a report it may also be called as the iPhone 9 or something else. It will use an old processor and have a single rear camera setup with touch-id and more, it is one of the most anticipated phones of 2020.

3.iPhone 12:

Apple has been launching multiple new iPhones in a series, and we may see a new iPhone which may be termed as iPhone 12 or something else, where it may ditch the notch, or shrink it at least, upgrade the cameras, processor and the display. Seeing the number of products sold by Apple of the iPhone 11 Series, the iPhone 12 will have a greater audience as well.

4. MacBook Air 16-inch:

Apple launched the MacBook Pro 2019 recently, and going by the specifications this is a beastly machine, but Apple may soon launch a cheaper toned down version of the MacBook Pro under the MacBook Air Series which will bring a 16-inch display, a toned-down processor and the new keyboard with the new switches beneath it. While there has been not a lot of information on this product, we may see Apple launch it soon this year.

5. Over-Ear Earphones:


Apple launched the PowerBeats Pro this year, and these were a complete package of over-ear earphones that were good for people who exercise, run or jog but the pricing of the Powerbeats Pro made it take a hit, launched at $250, this couldn’t take on the competition, but Apple may soon launch a newer pair of over-ear earphones that may come at a cheaper price and bring better sound quality.

This was a glimpse on the upcoming products that Apple will or could launch it in 2020, this list makes us excited and we hope to see some amazing products from Apple this year Stay tuned to Techburner for more information.


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