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iPhones are one of the most sold phones in India. And, after the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of changes has started happening. So, some news is surfacing that Apple to shift its production of the iPhone to India. Yes! Apple Manufacturing in China might shift to India. Therefore, Apple moving out of China to India for its production of the iPhone. It sounds interesting like there are many benefits of Apple manufacturing in India. Apple India Manufacturing will bring a new change to the Indian Smartphone Market. And, the happiest part is that the users will be able to get many benefits from it. 😎 Therefore, read the full article to know all the factors and impacts related to the Apple Production shifting from China to India. 🔥

Apple Manufacturing in India: What will be the Impact?

We all know that iPhone 11 Series performed very well in the Indian Market. Currently, Apple manufacturing in China, and, the iPhone 11 Pro made it to the Top 10 Smartphones of Q1 2020, and the market share of the Apple in 2019 is around 47% which means a lot for the brand. The news for the production shifting by Apple has been started since the trade war between Washington and Beijing. After it, COVID-19 has also caused production difficulty for Apple. So, by seeing all this Apple moving out of China to India to start manufacturing of iPhones.

However, We know that Foxconn in India is manufacturing the iPhone XR. And, it can be said that the iPhone XR price is much better and performed very well in the Indian Smartphone market. Some other iPhone was also manufactured in India, but due to their low demand, they are now discontinued.

As per the reports, Apple is currently planning to move 20% of China Production to India. It is much better for Indian users as well as the brand. Apple has taken a good step because due to ongoing China and US Trade war, many production companies have been affected. And, when Apple will shift their production to India, the other companies will also be able to get a boost in their output. Also, the investors and other members of Apple are planning with 20%, but the production will be increased if they see a hike in the sale of iPhones.

Users Benefits of Apple Manufacturing in India

We all know that iPhones are one of the premium phones and not affordable for all. So, you think that Why the Users will be benefitted with the Apple India Manufacturing? There is a significant role in price and production. So, when Apple shifts its iPhone production to India, the users will see a drop in the cost of the iPhone.

As Apple production is not in India, so, a lot of taxes, dock charges and other charges are to be paid by the company if you are not producing goods in that country but selling your products there. So, this is one of the main reasons why the iPhone prices are higher in India. Along with it, the brand is paying taxes and other charges, which led to the price hike. So, when Apple shifts its production in India, the users, as well as the people of India, will be benefitted much more.

The Apple Production will also bring employment for people at different post, and even some other brands will also get work for helping Apple in producing iPhone in India. Therefore, when Apple shifts its production to India, many sectors will get a boost in their work because all industries are directly as well as indirectly connected to other sectors.

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