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Apple Watch Could Detect Covid-19 Infection Long Before Symptoms Appear



At this moment, nasal and throat swab tests are the only way to detect the presence of Coronavirus in one’s body. But, two different studies from New York’s Mount Sinai hospital and the Stanford University of California show that Apple Watch and other fitness devices are able to detect the COVID-19 virus before any kind of diagnosis.

The first study that was executed by Mount Sinai Health systems shows us that Apple Watch was able to detect the changes in heart rate and SpO2 level of one patient 7 days prior he showed symptoms of Coronavirus or he was tested positive for the virus. The second study was done by Stanford researchers unveiled that not only Apple Watch but watches and bands from Fitbit, and Garmin have done a similar thing. Moreover, in this study. it is found that they are able to warn people 9.5 days before they showed symptoms of the disease. This significantly shows how smart devices are gaining importance in our lives.

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