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When it comes to gaming, a good internet connection and good FPS matter the most. It’s been a few days since Apex Legends Mobile was launched. It has already become the most downloaded game on the iOS platform. If you are a gamer then you must be aware that a particular change in settings can help you in better gameplay. When it comes to games like Apex Legends Mobile and BGMI, perfect graphics settings can give you better FPSs. Today we are going to tell you the best FPS settings for Apex Legends Mobile so that you can outperform others. It is easy to get good FPS on flagship devices. All you need is a good internet connection. But when it comes to budget devices it becomes a little difficult to get good FPS constantly. Now, without any further ado let’s get started with the article.

Best FPS Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

We are going to share four FPS settings with you that you can use on any smartphone. However, to get the best frame rate the usual method is to reduce the graphics quality and increase the Frame rate settings. As the graphics are reduced the device will get work on providing you with more frame rate. But there are other settings through which you can get consistent FPS with good graphics. So let’s check them out!

Normal Frame Rate Settings (30FPS)

If you have a budget device that hardly meets the minimum requirements of the game then this setting is for you. To get up to 30FPS on your smartphone you have to set graphics settings to Original and frame rate to Normal. This is the lowest FPS settings you can get on Apex Legends Mobile. Through this setting, you will also be able to save battery and your device from getting overheated. These settings will lock your frame rate at 30FPS so you can get constant performance during the gameplay.

High Frame Rate Settings (40FPS)

If you own a mid-range smartphone then you are able to play Apex Legends Mobile at 40FPS without any issue. To set the game at 40FPS you have to change Graphics settings to ExtremeHD and frame rate to High. Through this FPS setting, you will be able to experience smoother gameplay. But there is a toll you have to pay for smoother gameplay, as there will be an increase in battery drain and device heating. If your device has a 600-700 series chipset then we can recommend you to play Apex Legends Mobile with these settings.

Very High Frame Rate Settings (50FPS)

If you have a smartphone powered by high-end chipsets like the 800 series or MediaTek chipset then this setting is for you. To use this setting you have to set your smartphone at ExtremeHD Graphics settings and Very High frame rate. If your device has a capable processor then you can use the FPS settings without worrying about the device heating. However, as you increase the settings on your devices you might see a change in battery drainage. But at 50 FPS you will be able to have a smoother gameplay experience with fewer frame drops.

Ultra Frame Rate Settings (60FPS)

There are very few devices on which you can get up to 60FPS in Apex Legends Mobile. However, if have a flagship device like iPhone or Samsung S22 series you might be able to experience 60 FPS. To get 60 FPS on your smartphone change Graphics settings to ExtremeHD and Frame rate to Ultra. Once you have locked these settings on your smartphone you will be able to experience 60FPS smoother gameplay. But as we have said before the more you increase the settings the more device will heat up and battery drain.

Does Apex Legends Mobile have 90 FPS Support?

It is too early to ask the game to provide 90 FPS support as it’s only been a few days since the launch. However, currently, you will not be able to experience 90 FPS on Apex Legends Mobile. But at the moment there are few iPhones that can unlock up to 80 FPS on Apex Legends Mobile. So, if you want to try 80 FPS gameplay on Apex Legends Mobile you have to check if your iPhone supports it or not. But you don’t have to worry we can assume that after a few updates the company will release the support for 90 FPS. Till then you have to wait and keep visiting to get all the future updates on Apex Legends Mobile.


So, these were the settings that you can use on your smartphones to get smoother a gameplay experience. But there might be a chance that some users will not be able to access all the settings in Apex Legends Mobile. If you own a budget device then we would recommend you to stick to the Normal and high frame rate settings. If you have a flagship device then you can easily get up to 60 FPS in Apex Legends Mobile. However, if graphics don’t matter that much and you want constant smoother gameplay, try changing the graphics settings to Smooth and the frame rate to the highest setting available. Through this, your device will focus on providing you good frame rate instead to show good graphics.

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