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Best Smartphones Under Rs 15000 in November 2021



Did you know that the sub-15000 smartphone market is the most popular in India? There is fierce competition among all the brands to establish their strong presence here as the best smartphone under Rs 15000. Manufacturers are trying their level best to provide users with faster processors, better cameras and improved battery life. In this article, we will cover some of the best smartphones from all popular brands such as Realme, Xiaomi, Motorola and Samsung who claim to have the best mobile phone under Rs 15000. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the article where we will give you our personal opinions after rigorous testing so that you can get the best smartphone under Rs 15000 as per your use case.

Best Smartphones Under Rs 15000 in November 2021

As we have mentioned earlier, there will be best smartphones under Rs 15000 from brands like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and Realme, let’s start with our first device on the list, the Samsung Galaxy M32.

Samsung Galaxy M32 

For those of you who are looking at an overall daily driver, the Samsung Galaxy M32 can be a good option. It has a smooth 90Hz super AMOLED display with a tremendous 6000 mAh battery. The 64MP primary rear camera captures good shots although the 20MP front camera is a hit and miss. The phone features eMMC storage which will perform slower when copy-pasting files internally and the processor is not very capable of handling high-end games such as BGMI. If you are okay with these things, then it can be a good option under Rs 15,000. 

Redmi Note 10 S 

Just like the Samsung Galaxy M32, this too features a 90Hz AMOLED display. However, the MediaTek Helio G95 processor used here is much superior to M32’s G80 making it ideal for gaming as well. But, owing to MIUI, you may notice some frame drops occasionally when performing intensive tasks. The selfie camera is really good but the rear camera could have been better. 

Realme 8i 

Realme 8i is one of the rare phones that bring an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate under the price bracket of 15K. The processor too is one step up from Redmi Note 10 S with the Helio G96 meaning you can game on it all you want. The rear camera again is good but has a tendency to oversaturate things sometimes. But overall, Realme 8i is an ideal contender for the best smartphone under Rs 15000, especially for power users. 

Redmi 10 Prime 

Redmi 10 Prime is mainly on this list because of a few specific reasons such as high storage capacity, 90Hz panel and a MediTek Helio G88 processor for easy day-to-day tasks. At the same time, it has the slow eMMC storage we saw in Samsung Galaxy M32. Helio G88, although a great processor at Rs.12500, is still not the best for gaming. 

Moto G40 Fusion 

If someone asked us to recommend just one phone as the best smartphone under Rs.15000 for everyone, it would have to be the Motorola G40 Fusion. A 120Hz display, Snapdragon 732G and a huge 6000 mAh battery sealed the deal for us at Rs.14500. Not to mention the complete, bloatware-free stock Android experience that Motorola provides. If there was something we could improve in this phone, it would have to be its rear camera UI as well as performance; something Motorola can actually change through a software update. 

So, these were some of the best mobile phones under Rs.15000 as of now for the Indian market. If you found this helpful, be sure to check out our website for more! 

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