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Best Weapons in Halo Infinite: Check List of Best Weapons and Guns



Halo Infinite has plenty of weapons in its arsenal – and since the full game was released, we’ve seen all of the classic Halo guns make a triumphant return. Halo Infinite may have one of the most balanced arsenals of any Halo game to date. And all but a few weapons seem perfectly viable in the right hand. And as much as the fact that the 343 has finally introduced an assault rifle isn’t rubbish. So, check out the article to know more about it.

Halo Infinite’s Best Weapons: S-Tier

S7 Sniper Rifle

Snipers have played well in Halo games for a long time and this game is pretty much the same as ever. This gun was clearly designed with headshots in mind. But a few shots to the body of this beast are enough to spoil someone’s day.


The ridiculous explosion potential of this weapon makes it more versatile than it needs to be. Everything about this weapon’s damage is totally ridiculous. Make sure to use it before diluting it.
The good old rocket launcher is the best choice when you just want to completely wipe someone out of the match. Sure, it reloads slowly and only has 4 shots. But it’s a one-hit kill if you hit roughly the same continent as your target.

BR75 Battle Rifle

The assault rifle’s accuracy and sustained damage mean it only takes a few rounds of this powerful weapon to defeat most enemies. You don’t want to run into this thing in the mid and close levels if you don’t have it either.
With accurate shots and the ability to engage at any range, the Battle Rifle remains the king of Halo. But with Infinite’s faster action and the emergence of other weapons for more specialized roles. He’s not as dominant in the meta as in previous games, and the game is much healthier for him.

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The Best Weapons in Halo Infinite: A-tier

Gravity Hammer

The hammer is more difficult to handle than the sword, with a strong slope and no lunge. But when it hits, it hits hard, and one hit from that thing can wipe out the entire team if they’re dumb enough to stand together.
Attach it to the grappling hook and spin it in the air for maximum carnage.
However, the Gravity Hammer’s ability to destroy vehicles and enemies at very close ranges makes it impossible to ignore.

VK78 Commando

If you prefer automatic assault rifles, you will probably like the VK78.
This gun is certainly powerful (despite its smaller magazine), but the scope and scope of the VK78 trump some of its more impressive alternatives. I think some will be rejected for his somewhat weak combat abilities, but that’s easy to fix.


A heavy pistol with a dramatic slack, the Mangler can shoot fairly well at medium ranges. But since all of the Exiles’ weapons have increased melee damage combined with Sidekick’s fast attack speed, Mangler is brutal at close range.
Give them a 1-2 old hit to the chest and a slap to the head for a quick kill.

Energy Sword

The beauty of the Energy Sword lies in its ability to easily fight extremists thanks to its blocking function. Basically, this is the best melee weapon in Halo Infinite, and anyone who is really adept at map layout and learning how to pick locations will definitely benefit from it a lot.
Stunning in the ring, almost useless in Big Team Battles, the iconic Power Sword takes great advantage of not having a classic shotgun to fend off his attacks. Being trapped out of your reach is a death sentence with this thing. So use grappling hooks, active camouflage, sprints, or an old-fashioned close-up sneak before you start chopping and chopping.

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Halo Infinite Best Weapons: Level B

CQS48 Bulldog

While standard Halo sniper rifles and assault rifles have been pretty good all these years. The classic Bulldog rifle simply outperformed some of the other Infinite options. However, the Bulldog is more reliable than ever, at very close ranges where he can really instill fear in an opponent. It’s a little sad that it’s not the most powerful. But the fact that you always know what you’re getting from this weapon is an advantage.
The classic rifle has been replaced by rapid automatic fire. Much like the EVA-8 Apex Legends from the traditional Halo stock, 2-3 shots will kill at close range, but don’t count on it to stop a lung sword user in a pinch.

Sentinel Beam

A straight laser beam that heats up quickly and doesn’t deal as much damage as you’d like.  However, the Sentinel Beam is great for tracking down and punishing enemies at medium ranges. Make sure you drain your energy a little faster than you expect.


The trick of the heatwave, a better hunting rifle than the real one, is the ability to switch between horizontal and vertical propagation. Vertical spreading will do more damage per hit, but a deceptive horizontal shot can catch an opponent with poor health. Use the Heatwave’s bounce strikes to trap bad guys around corners.


The Hydra is a very peculiar cannon with an initial firing option that fires a series of smaller missiles in a straight line. It is by itself not as good and certainly not as good as another rocket launcher.
However, Hydra’s alternate ability to prevent fire with skillful hands is very devastating. He is very good against vehicles but surprisingly is able to take on individual opponents at great distances.


I’ve been a bit inclined to put this assault rifle a bit low-key given it’s simple as it gets (it’s pretty much a standard Halo assault rifle). But we can’t deny that this pistol has its uses.
While the MA40 can now record headshots. It is still best suited for close combat as its spread, larger magazine and a higher rate of fire can be exploited. Again, this is just a powerful and reliable weapon.

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Best Weapons from Halo Infinite: Level C

MK50 Sidekick Pistol

The once-dominant Halo pistol isn’t quite as good as it once was. But this pistol still far outperforms most other pistols in other games and ends up being fairly stable at slightly longer ranges.

But in the end, it is hard to imagine that you will rely on this weapon as more of a weapon to turn to when necessary. This is certainly not useless, but it is not necessary either.


The disruptor’s ability to effectively disable vehicles and damage enemies over time (preventing the shield from recharging) is definitely unique. I really think this pistol has its uses.

However, this weapon is strange and too slow to use as an alternative. It’s a shame that it’s not more beneficial than the end result due to its unique functions, but it is definitely addictive.


In fact, I love Ravager’s ability to burn the ground and turn the land around the contested point into a danger zone. You’d be surprised how useful this ability actually is.
However, the main firing mode of the plasma grenade launcher is not very good. Even if you’re good at shooting these guns (which are a big “if”), they don’t do enough damage in normal scenarios.


They’ll do more damage on impact and have a harder blast radius, but those bouncing projectiles can be a nightmare for landing. And the secondary flight mode doesn’t seem as helpful as it should.
However, take the time to study his quirks and he can become a real monster.

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Best Halo Infinite Weapons: D-Tier

Plasma Gun

Unfortunately, the use of the plasma gun as a quick method to impede vehicles was taken over by the Disruptor and Shock Rifle. However, charged shots from a humble space bomber are still the quickest way to disable enemy armor. Just make sure you have a Sidekick or BR75 on hand to get a shot in the head.
A truly bizarre pistol, the Disruptor splits electric Shock Rifle rounds, disabling vehicles and doing damage over time to unprotected foes. But he doesn’t have enough strength to win most of the head-to-head fights.

The plasma gun is pretty much the same as before, which means you actually use it to fire armor and disable vehicles before moving on to something else.

The problem is that there are too many different guns in Halo Infinite that perform similar functions. It is very difficult to operate this weapon unless you want to.

Stalker Rifle

It’s very good against armor, but it’s too slow and not powerful enough to be more of a pistol that you sometimes have to handle.
A stalker is a medium-to-long-range shooter such as the BR75 and Shock Rifle.  Unfortunately, lacks the reliability of the former or the utility and potential of a single stroke. It can expand more than any other tool, making it an effective BTB payment tool, but other than that Stalker cannot stand out from its peers.

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