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Cyberpunk 2077 Founders Apologizes for the Game Condition



The most awaited game of all-time Cyberpunk 2077 was finally launched on December 10. Many people already made pre-orders before the game was even launched. Players were facing some issues while playing the game like lag and glitches. Yesterday CD Projekt’s Co-Founder Marcin Iwiński apologizes on behalf of all the company’s leadership for these problems.

After it, Marcin Iwiński told details about the game’s console version state. As we have suspected the game was originally built for PC and it was backported to easily run on previous generation consoles. They assumed that this will work initially but as we have seen it didn’t go well.

Marcin Iwiński said when they tested the game before launch there were no issues found that we are seeing now. The main issue with the console version was its bandwidth which makes the game struggle while playing. They assured us that it’s going to get fixed soon.

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