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Does Samsung Galaxy F62 Provide Flagship Performance As Per The Processor?



Finally, Samsung Galaxy F62 has been launched in India with a flagship chipset and other exceptional features. But, the question is, does Samsung Galaxy F62 really provides a flagship performance as per the processor? Exynos 9825 chipset powers the Samsung Galaxy F62 with Mali-G76 GPU.
Samsung Galaxy F62 comes with a 7000mAh battery. Usually, flagship processors consume less battery as compared to midrange processors. For instance, a smartphone with 7000mAh with a low-grade processor will consume more battery because the processor is not optimized for that. In term of Samsung Galaxy F62, we can definitely state that Samsung Galaxy F62 provides flagship performance to survive with this huge battery.
Moreover, Samsung Galaxy F62 flagship processor also helps in-camera processing. Faster camera processing means the smartphone has a good processor. We have also played a few heavy games such as Call of Duty Mobile in Samsung Galaxy F62. Undoubtedly, the performance was very impressive. We have not experienced any lag and delay in the game and the smartphone as well. Now, this smartphone provides a flagship performance with no other questions.
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