Download Poco X2 Punch Hole Wallpapers [High Resolution]



We have tons of customization options in Android smartphones, and the easiest way is the wallpapers. All the smartphone brands try to hide the notch with creative dark wallpapers, and after the launch of the Galaxy S10 series, we saw a lot of original punch hole wallpapers. Now, the Poco X2 or Redmi K30 has a similar type of pill-shaped dual-camera cutouts as the Galaxy S10 Plus. We tried applying a Galaxy S10+ wallpaper on the Poco X2, and guess what! The punch hole wallpaper successfully used to the Poco X2. So, here are the best Poco X2 / Redmi K30 Punch Hole wallpapers, which you should apply on your phone. Head over to the below link to download Poco X2 Punch Hole Wallpapers.

Poco X2 / Redmi K30 Punch Hole Wallpapers

As we mentioned above, the Poco X2 has the same display cutouts as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Everyone loved the punch hole wallpapers of Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series, and so here are some of the best Poco X2 Punch Hole wallpapers. The following wallpapers are only for the presentation. You can download high-quality Poco X2 Punch Hole Wallpapers from the given link.

Download Poco X2 Punch Hole Wallpapers

Head over the following Google Drive link, where we have uploaded around 40 Punch Hole wallpapers for the Poco X2. That’s not it, and we will continue updating the folder with some crazy new wallpapers which are going to hide the display cutouts creatively. Sounds cool, right! So, if you are a Poco X2/Redmi K30 user, then you should try out these wallpapers.

Poco X2/Redmi K30 Punch Hole Wallpapers

The second and more natural way to download your favorite wallpapers is the FreshWalls app.

Download the FreshWalls app from Google Play Store. It’s a wallpaper app by TechBurner. You will get tons of free wallpapers in this app. FreshWalls brings fresh, authentic wallpapers that tell a story to connect you with the Wallpaper and your phone even more!


Once you open the FreshWalls app, you will be greeted with some beautiful wallpapers.

  1. First of tap on Poco X2 Punch Hole Walls pack.
  2. Scroll and select your favorite Wallpaper and tap on it.
  3. Hit the apply button, and that’s it. Additionally, you can adjust the blur level.

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