Genshin Impact 2.3 Leaks: New Boss Golden Wolflord!



Several leaks about the game have already been confirmed, and two new playable character combinations – Goro and Arataki Itto – have been confirmed. In this Blog, everything is covered which you need to know about the new world boss coming in Genshin Impact 2.3 update on November 2021. The Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks revealed a powerful new world boss that players will need to remove in order to obtain materials and more. This gigantic beast can deal massive damage and seems to use Geo’s power with ease. The next update will come with the Golden Wolf Lord, bringing essential items for rising characters like Arataki Itto, as well as providing useful resources like weapon supplies and more. Fans can learn more about this powerful enemy and prepare to take on the Lord of the Golden Wolf in Patch 2.3.

Genshin Impact 2.3 Leaks: Golden Wolflord Revealed!

Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks revealed a new world leader has been killed, and fans will surely want to lead their strongest squad to take on the Golden Wolf Lord.

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This powerful and formidable greyhound harnesses the power of Geo in massive sweeping attacks that can take out an untrained team. The huge Rifthund will drop the necessary items for Arataka Itto, which will be a serious test for players.

The golden wolf master can summon minions to his side to provide shields and wreak havoc during combat. As well as summon devastating gusts of wind and storms. Of course, since it is still a huge wolf, you also need to be careful with bites and punches.

Genshin Impact 2.3 Leaks: New World Boss

They said, “King of the Shattered Wolves. The Golden Wolf Lord’s attacks can result in the use of Corrosion Stacks. Which will cause all characters in the group to constantly lose HP.

“In battle, the Thousand Wolves will call upon the Rifthund to equip him with armor.”

The master of the golden wolf can summon minions to his side to equip him with armor and wreak havoc during battle. As well as causing devastating gusts of wind and explosions. Of course, since it’s still a huge wolf, there are also chomps and bumps to watch out for.

The Wolf Lord can also cause corrosion, which will constantly drain the HP of characters in the party. Even though the defense, making him a serious threat. Fighting this erosion will make the fight fierce and players will need to have good control over the health of their teams. It looks like Genshin Impact 2.3 brings a lot of new content that players won’t want to miss.

Where would the Golden Wolflord be?

The Lord of the Wolves will likely be found in this arena on the island of Tsurumi. As it’s the perfect size for fighting the new boss. It will likely become available after completing a new mission. And fans will be able to take on the new boss in Genshin Impact 2.3.

Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks have continued to reveal more about the upcoming update. And this brutal new enemy definitely looks like an opponent player will want to prepare for in advance.

As noted, many other elements of the new update coming to the game have already been leaked. Including drop-down banners, new playable character sets, and more.

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