Get Verified on Twitch: How to Get Verified Badge on Twitch [2022]



While browsing some of your favorite Twitch streamers, you may have noticed that some of them have a checkmark next to their name, indicating that they are verified Twitch accounts. Becoming verified on Twitch is a goal of many new broadcasters on the platform. The purple check mark icon next to your name can show others that you’ve met the required milestones and have demonstrated that you adhere to the Twitch Guidelines. It also unlocks many new features. If you are a new broadcast user on Twitch and want to verify your account. Then read this blog to learn how to verify your Twitch account, the requirements involved, and what that means.

Verified Badge on Twitch

The Twitch verification badge is a purple octagon with a white checkmark in the middle that will appear next to the player’s name on their profile and in chat. This checkbox is automatically checked for streamers when they become Twitch Partners and can be changed in the Twitch Partner chat settings. This helps distinguish a real account from a fraudulent or fake account. To be validated on Twitch, a live player must become a Twitch Partner. Once a streamer becomes a Twitch Partner, they will automatically receive a Twitch Verified badge, indicating that they are a verified Twitch account. There is also another way to get a verified badge without being a partner.

How To Become A Partner On Twitch

You first have to become a Twitch Partner to be verified. Twitch recommends that you complete the following steps before submitting a claim:

  • Stream at least 25 hours in the last 30 days.
  • Broadcast at least 12 different days within the last month.
  • Have at least 75 viewers watching your channel.

You will automatically receive a Twitch Verification badge when you become a partner. Not everyone who applies for a partnership is approved. Sometimes, even if you meet all numerical requirements. Such as average viewership and broadcast hours/days, you may still be disqualified from the Twitch Partner Program. Your membership can be denied for a number of reasons, and ultimately Twitch decides who they allow into the affiliate program and who they don’t. But if you get rejected, you can always reapply, and Twitch usually gives you a list of things they want to see you work on before they invite you as a Twitch partner. Once you become, then an icon will be appearing next to your name whenever you send messages in Twitch chat. This icon also proves to everyone that a real person is sending the message and not a scammer with a fake profile.

Get Verified On Twitch Without Being A Partner

If you are not a Twitch partner but would like to verify your account on Twitch, contact Twitch Support and explain why you think your account should be a verified account. But keep in mind that Twitch in general only makes exceptions for some brands, YouTubers, and celebrities. Some brands, YouTubers, or celebrities may not be regular Twitch users, but they may want to do some promotional streaming on the platform. In most cases, Twitch needs a good reason why they should give you a verified badge among the thousands of other streamers on the platform. But not everyone can just go and build a big brand or become a celebrity. This is why Twitch has allowed Twitch partners to verify their accounts as well.


Earning your Twitch Verified badge and becoming a Twitch Partner is an important milestone in your broadcasting career. It is important to maintain the momentum in order to continue to grow over time.
While verification on Twitch can be time-consuming if you love to stream and want to keep doing it, take the extra time to improve the quality of your content and overall marketing.

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