GSMA Update on Coronavirus: Check before you join the MWC 2020



MWC or Mobile World Congress is been exciting for both users and companies. In the MWC 2020, many brands were going to showcase their future tech like Foldable Phones, 5G and exciting things. But, as the MWC 2020 is going to be held in Barcelona. After the spread of the Coronavirus, so many brands are facing the problem of attending it. Many famous brands like LG, Amazon, Ericsson and others are not going to attend the MWC 2020. Brands are taking the health of their employee’s priority because the Coronavirus causing thousands of deaths in many countries and cities. There is some MWC 2020 News also GSMA update on Coronovirus telling the measures and problems faced by brands for attending the MWC. Check MWC 2020 GSMA updates and also take a look at the MWC 2020 Nokia, Sony and other brands announcements for the event:

MWC 2020 Coronavirus GSMA Updates:

There were a lot of things happening in the tech. Many brands are coming with 5G phones whereas some are coming with the Foldable Phones. But,  after seeing the problems caused to people by the coronavirus. Some major brands are not going to showcase at the MWC 2020. It clearly shows that companies are also taking priority for their employees. As Barcelona is also affected by the Coronavirus. So, the companies are not going to show their future tech. So, these are the brands that will be not showcasing in the MWC 2020:


One of the known tech giant LG has decided to not participate in the MWC 2020 that is going to be held in Barcelona. In the press notes, they announced that Safety of our employees is our priority.


One of the growing company Amazon also withdrawn from the MWC 2020. In its official release, the company said: “because of the outbreaks and concerns that spread by the Coronavirus, we are withdrawing from exhibiting and participating in the MWC 2020”.


The company is also skipping the MWC 2020. They announced that they will be not attending the MWC 2020 but they look forward to showing their work on 5G, AI, vRAN and more.


It was the first company who withdraw from the exhibition. In its press release, Ericsson President and CEO said, “the health and safety of our employees, customers and stakeholders is our first priority. So, we are withdrawing to showcase our latest innovations at MWC in Barcelona”.

ZTE and Sony:

Both the companies will not be showcasing any innovations at the MWC 2020 because of the Coronavirus threat. Many companies are going to attend and many are taking the decisions. So, according to the news and due to the Coronavirus, we are thinking that the MWC 2020 will be not exciting for the public and many users.

Measures that will be taken in MWC 2020:

These measures will be following in the event to prevent Coronavirus at MWC 2020:

  • Availability of onsite medical support will be doubled when compared from last year
  • There will be more measures taken on the cleaning and disinfection at the MWC like Public touch-screens, entrances/exits and etc
  • Availability of Sanitising products for public use
  • Awareness will be spread through the offline as well as online methods
  • Training of staffs for preventative measures
  • Guidelines provided to the Barcelona hotels, transportations, public and more
  • New signboards for the Hygiene recommendations
  • Installation of the disinfected microphone and change protocol for all speakers
  • No-handshake policy in the event and anywhere in the Barcelona
  • 24 Hour telephone and medical services which will be effective from 12th February to 29th February 2020. The no. will be available on the badges and app/signboards

Those companies who will be taking participation and publics who will be seeing should follow these measures in the MWC 2020.

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