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Hackers Got Access To 150,000 Security Camera’s Including Tesla



As per the report by Bloomberg, a group of international hackers got access to over 1,50,000 security camera’s including renowned firms such as Tesla, CloudFlare and more. A Silicon Valley startup named Verkada Inc. was providing this video camera service to the mentioned companies. As per the hackers, they had got camera access to various places such as Hospital, Police Stations, Schools, Prisons and more.

Tillie Kottmann, one of the hackers, stated they were testing the reliability and strongness of the systems they are using. Unfortunately, hackers found some loopholes in the system and make their way to access the cameras’. As per the Silicon Valley startup, Verkada Inc., they are currently working on fixing the loopholes. Moreover, they have also taken the necessary steps to prevent hacking again.

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