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How To Be Safe From Hackers: [Pt. 2: PC Edition]



As we have discussed in our previous article, hackers are getting sharper and can grab your device’s access easily. We have already discussed the smartphones edition earlier. In this article, we will be discussing in detail, how to be safe from hackers, but this time for PC owners. It is not easy to be safe from hackers in this world of the Internet, where everything is connected and just a click away. We will discuss the precautions to be safe from hackers. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the article and start with the tips to be safe from hackers.

Is Your PC Hacked?

Firstly, you will need to know if your PC is hacked or not. To know so, you will need to check out your recent activities. If you see any suspicious activity or unnecessary data usage, that might be the indication of your device has already been hacked. So in this case, you will need to erase your hard disk and reinstall your operating system. Moreover, to avoid being hacked, stick to the end of the article.

How to Be Safe from Hackers

There are various methods by which your device can be hacked. Every time hackers go creative and find different ways to get into your device. Your single wrong click or confirmation without actually reading the statements can lead to your device being hacked. However, we recommend precautions as they are always better than a cure. So below we have listed a few tips that you need to follow. Following them will help you to be safe from hackers.

Keep Your System Updated

Nowadays, the Windows Security firewall has become pretty powerful. So it becomes necessary to keep your Windows updated. As it will update the database with the latest virus and threat definitions to protect your PC from it. Once you have the latest firewall, it will automatically detect any suspicion in your OC. If needed, you can also scan your PC whenever you want.

Update Your Antivirus

Updating your Antivirus is also an important step that many of you might miss. If you own an antivirus, you must update it frequently. The reasoning for this will be the same as for the Windows firewall. Updating Antivirus updates your antivirus’ database with the latest virus and threat definitions.

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Avoid Using Cracked Softwares

Cracked softwares are widely used as not everyone can buy every software of their need. We understand that, however, it is necessary for the software to be from a trusted source. These types of software can be harmful to your PC. We strongly recommend you avoid using the software cracks as they can also play a big role in hacking your PC.

Keep Backup of Your Data

Keeping the backup of your data is yet another important thing that your need to do regularly. As if your PC comes in contact with any kind of virus or hacker. So you can easily format the data and get it back from your backups. Also, make sure to exclude the file that you found that attacked or corrupted your data.

Be Safe from Unknown/Untrusted Links/Website

There are multiple websites available out there. Many of which are duplicates of some official websites. So it becomes necessary for you to know which one is the official website. These links can be harmful to your PC and might overtake the control and after some time it might destroy the OS.

That was it guys for our article on the tips for being safe from hackers. Keep an eye out on TechBurner for more such updates.

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