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How To Charge Laptop Without Charger [Best 5 Ways]



Suppose you are on a vacation. It’s possible that you’ll forget to bring your laptop’s charger with you. Or maybe your charger is damaged and you do not have another one. Every laptop charger is unique to other brands. So, you can’t use other laptops’ chargers. In that situation, you’ll need to charge your laptop without charger. You may ask whether charging your laptop without the original charger is safe. This will be covered later, but first, let’s learn how to charge laptop without charger. There are several methods to charge a dead laptop without a charger. You may use a power bank, a universal adapter, your car battery, or a spare battery. We will define here the best 5 methods to charge a dead laptop without a charger. So, with no further ado, let’s get started.

Top 5 Ways To Charge Laptop Without A Charger

Method 1: Charge Laptop with Power Bank 

Most people favor this method since it is the simplest and most convenient way to charge laptop without charger. Power banks are portable power supplies. Simply connect your laptop to the power bank. It will automatically charge your laptop in the same manner as it would charge your smartphone. But a few things you have to keep in mind: most laptops need 8 to 12 volts of power, whereas most power banks only provide 5 volts. So, you need to purchase a power bank that supports 12 volts or higher output.

Method 2: Connect using a USB Type-C Adapter

Another option is to charge laptop with USB C adapter if you don’t have a power bank.

USB Type-C, unlike Type A, has a tiny oval-shaped connection that is optimized for high-power communication. It can conduct more power at considerably greater speeds. So, it’s a great way to charge your laptop without charger. 

This method will charge your laptop similarly to a power bank. However, you need to connect it to a power source, while a power bank is a standalone power source.

It is one of the safest ways to charge through USB-C since the adapter features safety protocols that cut off charging when it senses excessive heat or other concerns.

Method 3: Universal Power Adapter To Charge Your Laptop Without Charger

Universal adapters are AC/DC connections that come with a variety of connector tips. So, it supports a variety of different brands. Fortunately, you do not need to buy the complete collection to get a certain tip. Buy the tip adaptable to your laptop. Universal adapters work in the same way as the original charger for your laptop. So, it’s a fantastic way when you don’t have access to the official charger of your laptop. Just you have to be concerned about setting the voltage low. Because high voltage will almost certainly increase the heat and result in a dead or failed battery.

Method 4: Use Your Car Battery 

If you spend a lot of time driving, you’ll probably need to charge your laptop when away from a power outlet. Without access to ordinary wall electrical plugs, most conventional chargers will not function. Fortunately, you can charge your laptop using the battery of your car.

For this, you need to use a power inverter that will be connected to the cigarette lighter outlet in your automobile. It can generate 300 watts of continuous power, which is more than enough for your laptop.

The disadvantage of this option is that you now have a large gadget on the floor of your car. Also, laptops do not have a built-in voltage regulator. Therefore, you need an AC adapter to charge your laptop with your automobile battery.

Method 5: Carry a Super Battery to Charge Your Laptop Without Charger

Super batteries are similar to backup or replacement laptop batteries. They come with a variety of charging cables and replace your laptop’s original battery.

When you purchase one, be sure it fits your laptop and is the proper size. These are brand-specific equipment that may or may not function with your laptop if they weren’t built for it.

So, this method is not as efficient as others. That’s why we suggest using it in emergency situations.

FAQ: Can I Charge A Laptop Using HDMI?

Yes, you can charge your laptop with HDMI cable. Connect the HDMI cord to your television to charge your laptop. After that, put the opposite end of the Type-C connector port into your laptop and attach the other HDMI end to a Type-C USB port.

So, that’s all for today. These techniques are quite useful and will help you get out of a tight situation fast. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one of these methods for charging your laptop without a laptop charger appealing.

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