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How to Check DTH Balance on WhatsApp – Step by Step Guide



Recently most of the Companies have Switched to WhatsApp from Normal Messaging Service for OTPs or any other Notifications. Even Big Companies like Facebook and Netflix also gives Update through WhatsApp nowadays. All thanks to WhatsApp Business. However, do you know that now you can Check your DTH Balance through WhatsApp? Sounds Interesting right? Well, you don’t have to Panic. Companies will do it for you. Cool huh? Check Out the Full Process below to know more about How to Check DTH Balance on WhatsApp which have been Explained below…

Why WhatsApp Updates for Checking Balance?

Every person on this Earth uses a Smartphone (mostly) and almost everyone os we have WhatsApp on the Phone. Day by day the Users of WhatsApp is increasing and everyday new People are getting connected. However, this is also the Most Used Messanger Application all over the World. Everyday WhatsApp Users Send and Recieve more than 65 Billion Messages. So, the WhatsApp Updates for Checking Balance is one of the best helpful things can be done by the developers. Receiving the OTPs and Notifications on WhatsApp is much more convenient on WhatsApp nowadays. So, the WhatsApp Integration is a must-have for all the Companies.

How to Check Tata Sky DTH Balance on WhatsApp?

If you are a Tata Sky user, this is a Great News for you. Now you can Check your DTH Balance on WhatsApp for Free of Cost. Here is the Process of How to Check DTH Balance on WhatsApp

  1. At first, Dial 09229692296 from your Registered Phone Number.
  2. Now if you have done that, you are in the WhatsApp Squad.
  3. Now Save the Phone Number +91-18002086633 in your Contacts as “Tata Sky”.
  4. Finally, you can now Enjoy Updates on WhatsApp

Features of WhatsApp Alerts

WhatsApp Alerts have some Awesome Features. Here are some of them Below…

  1. DTH Balance with a Message Balance
  2. Emergency Top-Up
  3. Adding or Changing Channel
  4. Stopping DTH Service
  5. And Much More…

Also, if you want to Opt-out from the WhatsApp Alerts, Simply Send Stop and everything will be Stopped.


Tata Sky Mobile App

If you are a Tata Sky User, you can watch all the TV channels on your Android/iOS Mobile Phone using their Official App. Also, you can Recharge from the App to. Check Out the Link Below to Download the App…

Tata Sky Mobile App – Android

Tata Sky Mobile App – iOS

So, will you use the Tata Sky WhatsApp Alerts? Let us know in the Comments Down Below…

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