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How To Delete Your Personal Data From Websites



As you know when you create an account on any website you give some of your details to that website. These details include your email address, age, name, contacts, and sometimes your personal info. But after we are done with the work we forget to delete our personal details from the website. You don’t have to worry today we are going to tell you how to delete your personal data from websites. In this article, we are going to tell you how to remove your personal data from websites. Do you know sometimes when someone searches for your name they can access your information such as your full addresses. We have made a guide for you by which you will be able to clear your personal information from websites. Just follow some easy steps and you will be able to delete your personal data from websites.

What Information About you is Available Online?

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These sites can gather a lot of personal information about you including your name, your current home address, and you own a house or not. Sometimes they can even access some of your sensitive data such as your social security number. That’s why it is important to remove your personal data from these websites. It is better to remove your data from these websites otherwise a hacker might try to attack you or blackmail you.

Where do these Websites get your Data?

We know these sites sometimes may be annoying and intrusive but they are not illegal. You didn’t give these sites your information voluntarily, they can gather the information that is already available publically. Often these websites get data from public government databases like electoral roll, census records, criminal conviction databases, marriage certificate records, land use records, and much more. Another source of information is social media if you have any personal details publically accessible on your Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter account.  So,  it will be advisable to not share your personal details on social media. If in case you have just made it private or remove it.

How To Delete Your Personal Data From Websites?

Here’s how to delete your personal data from websites. Just follow some easy methods and you will be able to remove your data from websites.

Delete Your Social Media footprints

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The two platforms which we might think you want to focus on Facebook and Twitter. Luckily Facebook allows you to delete your old posts in bulk.

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook account, then go to your profile.

Step 2. Now click on the Manage Post right below where you create a new post.

Step 3. Use Filter to sort out the posts depending on you.

Step 4. Now select the check box on each post that you want to delete in bulk.

Step 5. After you are done selecting which post you want to delete click on next.

Step 6. Select Delete Post on the next page and hit done.

Delete Old Emails and Email Accounts

Did you know that old emails in your account that aren’t useful contain a lot of sensitive data which can be used against you? To protect yourself you should delete all the old emails that are of no use to you. But if you are worried what if you need them in the future? Then just download the emails on your hard drive which is much safer.

Ask Data Brokers for your Data

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If you don’t know what are data brokers then online data brokers are companies that collect your personal data like your gender, your address, your date of birth, and much more. Your data help these companies to build a more realistic profile about you for marketing and advertising purpose. These companies often sell your data to other companies. We have found some sites where you can search if your data is available online or not.

  • WhitePages
  • PeopleFinders
  • BeenVerified
  • PeekYou
  • Intelius
  • Radaris

If you find your data on any of the sites you just have to mail them to delete your information. But be cautious sometimes data brokers will ask for more of your details in the removal form. You can also hire an online content removal company if you are short on time.

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