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How to Enable Notification Light on Any Smartphone



Nowadays smartphones are getting better with each passing day. The smartphone industry is rapidly developing and improving. However, there are features that lack in some of the smartphones. As a result, Apple has recently removed the charger from the box and major brands such as Samsung have even removed the 3.5mm audio jack from their smartphone. We cannot fill up those needs, but there is one feature that many smartphones nowadays miss i.e. notification light. And today we are here with some workaround by which you can enable notification light on any smartphone. In this article, we will discuss how to enable notification light on any smartphone.

You might have noticed that we used ‘any’ word, so we can say that this method will also work even if you are not having an AMOLED display panel. However, take note that on non-AMOLED panel battery consumption will increase. Moreover, it will be an easy step-by-step guide to follow. So, without any further ado, let’s head into the article.

Enable LED Notification Light on Any Smartphone

For enabling the LED Notification on your smartphone, you must have these:

  • A Smartphone, obviously.
  • Always on Edge app.

How To Enable Notification Light on Any Smartphone

Step 1: Download the app. Install it on your device.

Step 2: Open the app and tap on the main settings. Now tap on Required permissions and there enable the Independent light controller.

Step 3: Now it will ask for accessibility permission, allow it from the settings.

Step 4: Now from the app, grant the permission for notifications as well. It will allow the app to know when the notification has arrived.

Step 5: At last grant the display over other apps permission.

Step 6: Save the settings. Click on the free button unless you are willing to pay.

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Step 7: Now go back to the main menu and head to the app settings.

Step 8: Here tap on the When to turn on edge lighting. Then select when the notification is received and the screen is off then save it.

Step 9: That’s all, now you can head to the main menu again and go for lighting settings.

Step 10: Click on the lighting placement option. There select as per your preference, we prefer around notch only.

Step 11: Now seek to enable notch support and set it to adjust manually. Then select your notch type ‘v’ or ‘o’. And select position as center.

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Step 12: Now customize and adjust the height, width, and size of the notch accordingly and save the settings.

Note: You also get many customization options so make sure to check out those and get the settings you prefer.

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