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How To Find Hidden Camera Using Mobile Phone



We all are accustomed to security cameras, and other types of cameras. They are a necessary element of keeping society secure. Hidden cameras in companies, hotel rooms, and even your house are a different story. What if you feel that someone is monitoring you with a hidden camera? Obviously, it’s very frightening. In that situation, you will surely want to detect hidden cameras. Fortunately, you can detect hidden camera with iPhone and Android both. There are lots of free hidden camera detector apps to check the camera in the room. In this post, we will go through how to find hidden camera using mobile phone.

How To Find Hidden Camera Using Mobile Phone 

Surely, it’s very convenient to use smartphones to detect hidden cameras. To do this, there are two fundamental techniques: Detecting Electromagnetic Fields and Light Reflection.

In the first technique, apps find the magnetic fields to tell if there is any hidden cameras or microphones. However, you must have a rough idea of where the camera can be. If it detects a powerful field, a camera is most likely hidden inside the wall or object.

Detecting light reflection from the camera lens is the second method. While this approach isn’t as reliable, it’s still good having an app like this. 

In the next section, we will discuss the best hidden camera detector app.

Free Apps To Find Hidden Camera Using Mobile Phone

On Android, there are many free apps to find hidden cameras like Hidden Camera Detector or Glint Finder.

If you use iPhone, you can download iOS apps like Hidden Camera Detector (free), DontSpy 2- Detector or Hidden Spy Camera Detector to do this.

Regardless of the app you use, you’ll be able to identify cameras, speakers, and even hidden computers.

Most of these have the same features. They show the location of a camera or other surveillance equipment. So, you can figure out where the device is concealed based on the information supplied.

We tested the Hidden Camera Detector app on Android, for example. After launching the app, when your phone is near a camera, it will show a red alert. Use the direction of the red light to determine the camera’s location.

The scanner will also show an alert when it is near other sorts of gear. But finding the location will be different. When a camera is discovered, a number shown in the center of the app screen will surpass 100.

These apps also have an infrared mode for finding those cameras that can’t be discovered till now. Aim your smartphone camera towards an area where a surveillance camera can be found. If your phone’s display shows a big white circle, a camera is present there. 

How These Apps Work (Technology Behind It)

Note that before you use this software, you should know what other devices are present in the room. Interfering hardware includes televisions, laptops, smart assistants (such as the Google Mini), and other devices.

You may avoid them if you hold the phone appropriately. You may think that holding the gadget flat (as if it were a remote control) would provide better results. The location of the sensors on your phone will impact this. With a little practice, you’ll be able to find the optimal angle to find hidden camera using mobile phone.

Remove the phone from the case if you’re still experiencing problems. Some case materials may interfere with the phone’s own radiation field as well as prevent communications from other devices. Removing the phone from the cover for a few moments should cause quicker and more accurate camera identification.

There’s another method to find hidden camera using mobile phone.

Steps to Find Hidden Camera By Scanning Wi-Fi 

Some low-end spy cameras and listening devices may appear on the list of Wi-Fi connections on your phone. As you wander about the room, refresh your network list and search for any strange-looking connections or devices. Look for particular brand names, as well as words like cam, camera, and other related terms.

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