How To Get Free Aurous Ascension Bundle in Free Fire MAX



The Watch To Win event in Free Fire MAX allows players to receive various in-game items worth a large number of diamonds for free. As such, the Watch to Win event is a good source of rewards because it offers these items for free. Players only need to watch the videos on the Booyah app for a certain period of time to win prizes. Booyah is Garena’s streaming platform where players can upload streams and gain followers. The latest Free Fire MAX Watch To Win event is valid for today only, i.e. February 24, 2022. As always, players must watch any live broadcast of their choice on Booyah to claim prizes. Below is information about the prizes at this event, as well as for instructions on how to claim them.

Free Fire MAX Watch to Win Event

The new Watch To Win event started today and will also end tonight. Mobile gamers have to watch any video for 30 minutes in order to be rewarded.
This time, there is a twist in the event, players will be rewarded, but only depending on how long the video has been watched. The more time they spend, the better they will be rewarded. Here are some of the prizes given by the recent Watch to Win event:

  • Aurous Ascension Package – 90 minutes.
  • Parachute skins – 30 minutes.
  • Santa Militia Group – 90 minutes.
  • Skater shoes – 60 minutes.
  • Craftland Room Card – Available at all times.
  • Weapon skins – available at all times.

As mentioned earlier, prizes will be distributed depending on the amount of time the player spends watching the video. Here are the three thresholds available for players to watch:

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes

Note: The longer they watch, the better the rewards they get.

How To Get Rewards in Watch To Win!

Through Free Fire Max Battle Royale game 

  • First, players have to log into the Battle Royale game and then click on the event icon.
  • They should go to the news section.
  • Click on Booyah! Watch to win.
  • After that, you will need to click on Go To.

  • When the Booyah page is opened, the players must log in and then watch any video of their choice as per their wish and with a duration of 30/60/90 minutes.

Through the Boyah app

  1. Mobile players will need to go to the Google Play Store to download the game or click here to be redirected.
  2. They will then need to open the app and sign in with their Free Fire MAX account.
  3. Finally, they will have to watch any video of their choice for 30 minutes.

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