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Garena continuously brings new events to Free Fire where players can earn exclusive themed rewards for completing certain missions. Garena Free Fire is ready to announce a new mega-event for players. Another mega is already walking around in the player’s mouth. The developers have decided to include a “She Plays Free Fire” event in the coming weeks. There will be a lot of rewards to grab. The mega event calendar has already been published via leaks. The entire campaign starts on January 22nd and runs until February 1st. So there will be many events and prizes. This Blog is about how you can get Free Detective Panda in Free Fire in this upcoming She Plays Free Fire Event.

She Plays Free Fire Event

She Plays Free Fire event leaks were provided by many players in the days leading up to the event, and almost all of them turned out to be right. As noted above, Garena has confirmed that the events will be available from January 22 to February 1.

Tears have been added for many events and players are well aware of the rewards that they will be able to announce in the coming days. As part of the game time bonus, the developers are giving customers the opportunity to get Free Detective Panda pet.

How to Get Free Detective Panda in Free Fire

Any pet in Free Fire costs 699 diamonds, which is 100 diamonds more than the most expensive characters. But in this case, players will get the chance to get a detective panda for free in this event.
Detective Panda has an ability called “Panda’s Blessing” that restores HP for every kill. In the beginning, players again get 4 health points for each kill, which is about 10 health points in most cases.
To get Free Detective Panda in Free Fire, players will need to play the game for 60 minutes within a specified period of time to receive it.
The event will likely be available the last weekend of this month i.e. January 29-30, 2022.

Also in this event, there will be other rewards for completing some simple tasks, such as:

  • Log in for 1 day to get 1000x normal portion

  • Play for half an hour to get 2000x Common Fragment and Panda Detective Animal.
  • Get any one Free Character

Steps to Get Free Detective Panda

Customers must first play the game for half an hour while the event is running, then follow these steps:
Step 1. Enter the She Performs Free Fireplace section while playing.

Step 2. Select Play Time Reward and click on the “claim” button next to the panda object.

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