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How To Get iPhone 11 at Rs 31000: iPhone Sale on Amazon!



If you’ve been thinking about getting an iPhone, it’s a perfect time. Amazon is offering amazing iPhone bargains right now. Exciting, right? In this post, we will tell you about the upcoming iPhone sales and offers you will get. Currently, an iPhone 11 deal is live on Amazon. They are offering the iPhone 11 with a flat Rs 4000 off. There is also an exchange offer. You will get an additional discount of Rs 15000 on this deal. The iPhone 11 was released in September 2019. A comparable deal is also available for the iPhone 11 discount on Flipkart. Let’s know the iPhone 11 sale on Amazon in detail. 

How To Get iPhone 11 at Rs 31000: Amazon iPhone Sale 2022

In India, the 64GB iPhone 11 was released at a price of Rs 68300. The mobile is presently priced at Rs 49900 on Amazon. They are offering a total savings of Rs 4000 on ICICI Bank and SBI credit cards.

In addition, buyers will get up to Rs 15000 exchange value for their previous phone. This will reduce the cost to Rs 31000. Keep in mind that the value of your used phone is decided by both its condition and the manufacturing year. You will get a greater value if the smartphone is in excellent condition.

For example, you might receive up to Rs 12000 if you trade in your iPhone XR 64GB. Similarly, you may get a decent deal if you trade in your old iPhone 11.

A comparable iPhone 11 discount is also available on Flipkart. They are providing an exchange value of Rs 18850 instead of a flat discount. As a result, the price drops to Rs 31000.

The iPhone 11 was one of the most popular iPhones in India and throughout the globe. For first-time iPhone purchasers, it’s a good option. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Quick Specs

  • Display: 6.1-inch IPS LCD
  • Processor: Apple A13 Bionic
  • Camera: Rear- 12MP + 12 MP, Front- 12MP
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Battery: 3110mAh

The device lacks a 120Hz display as well as 5G compatibility. But the main issue is whether you really need 5G and a fast-refreshing display. Obviously, purchasing an iPhone 12 will sustain the long term. But 5G is still a long way away in India. At least, what the present circumstance suggests. 

So whether the iPhone 11 is a decent phone in 2021 depends on what you want from your phone. The budget also plays an important part in this. If you’re worried about the iPhone 11’s ability to get upgrades, be assured that Apple will continue to support the device at least until 2025.

So, that’s all for today. For more iPhone updates, follow TechBurner!

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