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How To Make a Private Story on Snapchat



Who doesn’t love sharing all their daily updates with friends and family? Stories are great for sharing quick updates with followers and close ones. Snapchat allows users to easily post their video and photo updates as they like. Sometimes we just want to share our moments with a specific group of people and not all of our connected friends. Snapchat allows users to post stories as private stories for those special ones. So, in this article, we will guide you that How To Make a Private Story on Snapchat. Let’s get started.

What is a Private Story: Snapchat

When you post any update it is sent to all the friends you have added or those who have added you. It depends on your privacy settings. It is available for everyone to view. In private stories, you have the option to let only those you select view your updates. Only you can post in a private story. The way it works is simple. Snapchat users have to first create and name a custom story that they can make private.

How To Create & Upload Private Story: Steps

  • Open the Snapchat account section from the top left

  • Create a private story using the dedicated button

  • Choose friends whom you want to add to the private story list
  • Snapchat will prompt you to name your private story.  After you create one, it will be available directly in the My Stories section
  • Click a new picture or record a new video and you will have the option to send it to everyone or only to the private list
  • Now you can also go in your saved snaps and share them to your private story by the send button directly.

We hope this guide will work for you. Enjoy sharing Private Snapchat Story.

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