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Call Of Duty: Warzone is one of the best first-person shooter games. We are playing Call Of Duty: Warzone for a decade now. But, users are still figuring out how to play Warzone on a low-end PC. This might not seem possible to you, but for us, it is.
We know we can now enjoy Call Of Duty on our multitasking smartphones as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give the same experience as the Call Of Duty: Warzone PC version. So let’s get straight to the point. Want to know how to run Warzone on a low-end PC smoothly. Then, read this article ahead.
In this article, we have made a guide on how to run COD: Warzone on a low-end PC. Besides that, we have stated the best PC settings for the Call of Duty Warzone. So, without any further ado, let’s get started and figure out how to play call of duty warzone on a low-end PC.

Call Of Duty Warzone Minimum Specs

Here is the Call Of Duty Warzone’s least specifications required.
Intel Core i3 4340 | AMD FX – 6300
Graphic Card
Nvidia GTX 1650 | AMD Radeon HD 7950
83 GB – 101 GB

Run COD Warzone on Low-End PC

We have mentioned the best Call Of Duty: Warzone graphic settings. Besides that, we will also be mentioning some other methods to help you play Call of Duty Warzone on a low-end PC. Anyway, read till the end try out the best Call Of Duty Warzone graphic settings for a low-end PC.

How to Play Call Of Duty Warzone On Low-End PC?

Follow the given methods to run Warzone on a low-end PC.

Change the Launcher Settings

Follow the given steps to change the launcher settings.
Step 1. Head over to the folder where you have installed the game.
Step 2. There you will two find EXE files; right-click on them.
Step 3. Click on Properties and in Compatibility section, checkmark disable Full-screen Optimizations.
Now, run the video game as Administrator. You might see some changes in the gameplay.
Step 4. After that, right-click on the High DPI setting, and make sure it’s has been marked on Application.
Step 5. Then, click on Ok and Apply.
After that, run the compatibility Test, it will automatically choose the best settings according to your PC or Laptop specifications.

Turn on Hardware Acceleration

Every PC or laptop comes with hardware acceleration. Read the instructions to turn on hardware acceleration.
Step 1. Right-click on your PC or laptop and open the Display settings.
Step 2. After that, head over to Graphic settings, and turn on Hardware Acceleration.
Step 3. Now, restart your PC or Laptop.
This was the second method which can help you play Call Of Duty Warzone on a low-end PC.

Disable Game Mode and Bar

Windows operating system has a feature called Game Mode. This feature is specially developed for gaming and streaming. But, sometimes, it doesn’t work well. Yet, while playing the game, you can disable it. Let figure out how?
Step 1. Head over to the Game Mode Settings.
Step 2. Turn it Off.
Step 3. Now, search Game Bar Settings and turn it Off as well.
Don’t forget to read ahead for more ways to play Warzone on a bad pc smoothly.

Update Drivers Frequently

Whenever you are going to play COD: Warzone, make sure that your Windows is updated. Moreover, update drivers and software frequently to avoid lag issues.
As we all know, every laptop or PC comes with an in-inbuilt graphic card; make sure that it is up-to-date. You can try updating the Intel graphic card from the Intel software update website.

Prioritize Your Game

The next task is to close all unused applications consuming the RAM in the background. Again, you can easily do it from the Task Manager. Follow the given steps to end all the unused applications:

Step 1: Open the task manager by pressing the mentioned keys – CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.

Step 2. In the process tab, you will see all the tasks running at present.

Step 3: Now, End all the unused tasks such as Spotify, Google, and others by right-clicking on the task.

Now, you have successfully saved an ample amount of RAM. Next, let’s figure how to focus on your game.

In the Task Manager, you will see Call Of Duty: Warzone. Now, click right-click on Warzone and set priority to High. Now, your operating system will treat COD: Warzone as a VIP task and provide more resources to it. 

Best Warzone Graphics Settings for Low-End Hardware

Here are the best Warzone graphics settings for low-end PC.
Post Processing Effects
Depth of Field
Filmic Strength
World Motion Blur
Weapon Motion Blur
Film Grain
Follow the given Shadow and Lightning settings. You can changes it as per your PC specs.
Shadow & Lighting
Best Settings
Shadow Map Resolution
Cache Spot Shadows
Cache Sun Shadows
Particle Lighting
DirectX Raytracing
Ambient Occlusion
Screen Space Reflection (SSR)
Follow the given general settings. You can changes it as per your requirement.
Dismemberment & Gore Effects
Here are the Details & Textures settings. Arrange it as per your PC recommendations.
Details & Textures
Texture Resolution
Texture Filter Anisotropic
Particle Quality
On-demand Texture Streaming
Streaming Quality
Display Mode
Full Screen
Screen Refresh Rate
Set this to your personal monitor’s refresh rate
Render Resolution
100% – reducing this will further reduce your resolution below 1080p
Aspect Ratio
Custom Framerate Limit
Custom – set this to the same number as your monitor’s refresh rate.
NVIDIA Highlights
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency
Enabled + Boost


Here are the best Warzone graphics settings for low-end PC. Apply these ways and play Call of Duty Warzone on a low-end PC.

In this article, we have discussed How to Play Call Of Duty Warzone on a Low-End PC? Besides, that we have also mentioned some of the best Warzone graphics settings for low-end PC. We hope you liked it. Share with your Call Of Duty Warzone buddies.

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