How to Register Your Child for Covid Vaccine?



The registration for the Covid-19 vaccine for minors has started. Youth aged 15 to 18 would be eligible to Covid child vaccine registration on the CoWIN app. The necessary changes are made to the site to record the new Covid vaccine below 18 years’ registration. The cowin.gov.in registration online will begin on January 1. In the press conference, the authority said that they have included an extra (10th) ID card for registration. Because some minors may not have Aadhaar or other identification cards. In studies, Covaxin showed a very excellent immunological response in youngsters. So, they have approved it for emergency use in children. Prime Minister Modi stated on December 25 that the centre would begin vaccinations for children aged 15 to 18 years old on January 3, 2022. Know how to register the Covid vaccine for 15-18-year-olds and what you need to do so!

How to Register Your Child for Covid Vaccine for 15 to 18 years?

Procedures to Register Your Child for Covid Vaccine for 15 to 18 years on CoWIN:

  1. Launch the CoWIN app or through the Aarogya Setu.
  2. Register using one parent’s mobile number.

3. Enter the OTP and continue the verification process.

4. Update the child’s identification evidence on the Covid vaccine registration website under the new category. The option will be available from January 1st.

5. Either the child’s Aadhaar card or their 10th ID card is needed to register them.

6. After uploading them, schedule a vaccination appointment at a local vaccination centre at a convenient time.

Which Vaccines will be given?

According to Dr NK Arora, Chairperson of the Covid Task Force working group, Covaxin would be the only COVID-19 vaccine currently offered to minors aged 15 to 18 years. In clinical testing, he guaranteed that the vaccine elicited a very good immunological response in youngsters. On December 24th, the DGCI authorized Covaxin for emergency use in youngsters above the age of 12.

That’s all for Covid vaccine registration. Stay safe, especially children!

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