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How To Stop Phone From Overheating? [Mobile Heating Problem Solution]



Android phone overheating is one of the most common concerns nowadays. Even the most well-known flagships are now experiencing overheating issues, just because high-end hardware and processors create more heat. That’s why manufacturers are working more on in-built cooling systems in mobile phones. If your phone does not have a cooling system, you must find a mobile heating problem solution and control overheating of mobile. Well, Congratulations, you have come to the right spot! In a previous post, we have discussed the reasons for mobile overheating. Now, here we have chalked out a few simple methods to stop overheating android phone and listed the mobile heating problem solution. Also, you will get to know how to cool down a phone fast.

Top 7 Mobile Heating Problem Solutions To Stop Phone From Overheating

1. Don’t Use Your Phone In Direct Sunlight

Not exposing your phone to the sun is the best approach to avoid Android phone overheating. Your phone absorbs light and heat from that. As the heat stores, your phone will become hotter. So, a long period of sunlight may damage your battery.

2. Turn Off Unused Apps 

Unused apps running in the background make your mobile processor work harder. It may generate heat. So, always clear the recently used apps you are not using for now. Plus, your phone’s battery life will be extended. 

You can also check how much energy is an app consumes. Go to Settings -> Apps. Tap on a particular app and select the Battery option. You can toggle off the background activity to prevent that app to run in the background. Also, uninstall or force to stop the apps you don’t use anymore. It will reduce the workload of your phone processor.

3. Change The Brightness to Stop Phone From Overheating

Turning your brightness high can make your battery work harder and generate more heat. So, keep the brightness minimal so that you don’t strain your eyes. And turn off the adaptive brightness. You can opt for an anti-glare glass to reduce eye stress. 

4. Turn On Airplane Mode

When you are taking a rest, you can enable airplane mode. Airplane mode enables you to perform basic tasks on your phone. It turns off all wireless connections on your phone. So, your mobile will not constantly find a cellular network or signals. It will save your battery from depleting and heating.

5. Keep Your Apps And System Up-To-Date To Stop Phone from Overheating

App and OS upgrades contain bug fixes. It increases the efficiency of your phone. Therefore, they’ll consume less energy and stop phone from overheating.

6. Only Charge Your Phone To 80% 

Don’t charge your phone overnight. Keep it on a cold, flat surface. Also, you shouldn’t charge your phone to 100%. It reduces the battery’s lifetime. When your phone is fully charged, it is more prone to overheat. Therefore, charge it when the battery is under 20% and disconnect when it reaches 80%.

7. Don’t Use Phone While Charging To Stop Overheating Android Phone

To stop phone from overheating while charging, you must not use it while plugged in. Why? Your phone’s battery normally heats up while charging. If you use it for heavy activities, it will heat more than usual. Therefore, avoid playing games or watching movies while charging your phone.

How to Cool Down a Phone Fast?

1. Remove Your Case To Control Overheating Of Mobile

Taking off the cover allows the phone’s heat to vent out properly. So, it helps your phone to cool down faster.

2. Keep Your Phone Apart From The Rest Of Your Tech

Stacking your phone, tablet, and computer in a bag makes them more prone to overheating. Separate them to help them maintain their temperature.

3. Take a Break From Game Play

The solution to stop phone from overheating when playing games is to take a break. Limit your gaming time and make sure the game isn’t still running in the background. Graphics-intensive games use more of your smartphone’s processor, drain the battery and generate a lot of heat. So, when the heat is getting more hot, consider giving your phone a bit of rest.

4. Blow On Your Phone Or Fan It to Control Overheating of Mobile

It may seem stupid, but blowing or fanning your phone may help. A wind may help cool down a phone fast when it’s becoming too hot.

5. Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

You may be tempted to put your overheated device in the fridge for a few minutes, but we don’t encourage it. Extreme changes in temperature put pressure on the elements of your phone. Also, there is a danger of accumulating moisture, which is a guaranteed way to damage it.

So, that’s all are the mobile heating problem solutions. For more tech tips, follow TechBurner!

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