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How to Stop Spotify Draining Battery: Android & iPhone



When it comes to music streaming, there are plenty of options in the market to choose from. Spotify is one of the biggest and oldest players in the game. From listening to music to your favorite podcast, Spotify has got it all covered. It is available on the majority of devices like smartphones, laptops/desktops, gaming consoles, smart TV, speakers, etc. The wide range of supported devices, affordable and flexible premium plans, rich set of features, and huge music library have made it the go-to app for consuming audio content. But, these days, users are facing issues with the Spotify App. iPhone and Android users are reporting issues of battery draining. So, today, we are here with the guide How To Stop Spotify from Draining Battery on Android and iPhone.

How to Stop Spotify From Draining Battery: Android

Recently a lot of users have reported issues regarding heavy battery usage by the Spotify App. Although the main reason behind this could be a bug in the app or bad software optimization in your phone, there are few steps you must try to save your battery life. If you are also facing the same issue then keep reading to learn how to fix this on your device. So, follow these steps to stop Spotify from Draining the battery.

Method 1: Clear cache of your Spotify app

App Info> Storage > Clear Cache

Method 2: Disable Canvas to save battery. This feature uses your display to show loops from the song you are currently playing and consumes a good amount of screen on time.

App Settings > Canvas

Method 3: Check for updates on the Play Store. Make sure that you are not using an outdated version. New updates are always pushed out with improvements.

Update to the latest version

Method 4: Restrict background activity for the app. This option confirms that the app is not running behind the scenes when you are not using it.

App Info > Battery Usage > Background Activity

Method 5: Disable Spotify connect in the background. The app searches for connected devices in the background for you to eat up more battery. Make sure to turn it off so that it is only on when you are using it.

Spotify Settings > Connect

Method 6: Turn on battery optimization for Spotify. Almost every Android device nowadays has a built-in battery optimization feature available. You can use it to restrict Spotify to use even fewer resources, resulting in saving more battery juice.

App Info > Battery Usage > Optimization

How to Stop Spotify From Draining Battery: iPhone

Method 1: Check for new updates on the App Store. You should always keep your app updated to not miss any performance improvements and bug fixes.

Method 2: Turn off background app refresh for Spotify. In iOS, users have this option to enable or disable background refresh for individual apps. This is known to be very helpful in preserving battery life on iPhones. Go to your device Settings > General > Background Refresh > Spotify.

Method 3: Perform a clean install of the app. A reinstall ensures that you are back to the default settings for the app.

Method 4: Clearing cache storage. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and go in settings > storage > clear cache.

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