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OTT services are popular among today’s entertainment seekers since they are convenient. You can watch movies and series anytime and wherever you want. In fact, they are expanding their streaming support to a vast range of platforms. So, everybody can access it from any platform, giving them lots of alternatives. Currently, you may binge Netflix from a web browser, a media streaming device such as an Amazon Fire Stick, or a Netflix app on your smart TV or phone. Do you know you can stream Netflix on a gaming console? Yes, it’s true. If you have PlayStation or Xbox just forget about your laptop and start watching your favourite series there. Also, as Netflix is producing more video game adaptations like the Castlevania and Cuphead cartoons, watching them on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S feels great. In this post, we will see the steps to stream Netflix on a gaming console.

How To Watch Netflix On Gaming Console?

Steps To Stream Netflix on the PS 5

1: Connect your PS 5 and log in using your PlayStation Network credentials.

2: Click on the Media option and go to Video and Music Apps. There, search for Netflix to find the app.

3: Now, you need to download and install the Netflix app on your gaming console.

4: After that, again from the Media section, open the app.

5: Now the sign-in window will open. Enter your Netflix account details and password.

6: You are good to go. Start watching your favourite shows!

Also, you can tap the circle button, click the gear symbol to enter Settings, and then sign out when you’re finished.

If your internet connection can handle it, Netflix on the PlayStation 5 offers subtitles, HDR, and Ultra HD resolutions. You can also cast Netflix on Android or iOS phones as a second screen using the PlayStation app.

Steps to Stream Netflix on Xbox Series X/S

1: Same as PlayStation, log in to your Xbox Live account.

2: Go to the Store and click on the Apps section. Here you search for the Netflix app.

3: Now download and install Netflix on your Xbox One X or Xbox One S.

4: Just launch it and sign in to your Netflix account.

5: That’s all. Enjoy your favourite movies and series!

To stop your watching session, choose Settings from the Netflix home screen and sign out.

Netflix supports subtitles, Dolby Vision, HDR, and Ultra HD resolutions on Xbox Series X/S with a high-quality connection. You may also switch between adult and child profiles.

What Else Can You Stream to Your Gaming Console?

Most of the top-rated video streaming provides support streaming on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You can watch Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, CuriosityStream, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Plex, Tubi, and YouTube TV, among other video services. That includes everything from live television shows to popular music to anime series. If you already have a subscription membership, just download the app, log in, and begin watching.

Smaller, more specialized subscription services, like BroadwayHD and KweliTV, often lack the resources to develop and maintain PlayStation and Xbox versions.

So, that’s all to stream Netflix on a gaming console. For more tips and tricks, follow TechBurner!

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