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Free Fire Max is yet another mobile game that users enjoy playing. However, not everyone gets to survive till the very end of the last circle. Well, don’t worry as we know that everyone cannot be the winner. But in this article, we will guide you throughout the game and share a few of our tips that can help your survival till the end. Throughout this article, we will be guiding you on how to survive Free Fire Max till last zone. We will be giving 5 tips to survive Free Fire Max till last circle. So without any ado, let’s dive into the article and make help you get the Booyah!

All about Garena Free Fire Max

Free Fire was recently banned by the Indian Government. However, the Free Fire Max is still available and you can download the game from the Play Store. There are some differences between Free Fire and Free Fire Max that mainly includes better graphics, improved animation, basic gameplay, and UI changes.

Free Fire Max System Requirements

For Android the minimum requirements of Free Fire Max are:

Android 4.1 or higher
RAM 2GB or more
Storage 1GB or more

For iOS the minimum requirements of Free Fire Max are as follows:

OS 11.0 or more
RAM 2GB or more
Storage 1.7GB or more

Why Strategy is Important in Battle Royale Games?

Battle Royale games are meant to be instantaneous, where you cannot actually predict or know where the enemies are. But when you have a good strategy then you can survive till the very end by avoiding the mistakes many people do and lost the game. You can avoid that just by preparing a good strategy.

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Below we are going to mention the tips for surviving till the last one in Free Fire Max. You can always tweak and strategize it as per the scenarios in the game. So now let’s begin with the tips.

How to Survive Free Fire Max Till Last Zone

You can survive easily if you play it with a good strategy. Moreover, you need to play the game calmly.

Avoid Engaging with Opponents

Sometimes people just land and starts attacking the opponents. That time you might be able to kill one or two, if you play well then you might also do good for that moment but only for sometimes. In the beginning, you should avoid engaging with opponents and concentrate on searching for supplies including medics and weapons.

Keep Yourself in Safe Zone Before the Zone Begins to Shrink

One of the reasons people die is because they spend more time outside the safe zone. There is a time limit after which the play zone starts shrinking. So you need to get to the safe zone before the play zone begins to shrink. This will allow you to play safe and also it decreases the chances of dying outside the zone.

Get Enough Supplies

Sometimes engaging in a fight or getting late in reaching the safe zone drops players’ health drastically. So those cases if you get out of medics or run out of ammo can lead to your loss. This is the reason you need to have enough supplies of health kits and ammo. It will be pretty handy in similar cases as mentioned above.

Secure and Stay on Higher Level

You need to stay higher to have the upper hand over enemies. The safe zone keeps shrinking, eventually leading to the end of the game. So if you are on a higher level, you can easily spot the enemies and target them. However, you need to be alert as the safe zone does not always include higher levels.

Play Quiet When Needed

Remaining unaffected and secure is the best strategy for ending the game, not everyone appreciates it. Some players prefer to play formally and engage in multiple conflicts. An undercover style of play will benefit those who prefer fighting. Users can easily secure a kill playing defensive.

That was it guys from our side the tips to survive in Free Fire Max till the last zone. If you have your own strategies, mention them below in the comments. So will include it in our future articles. Also, keep an eye out on TechBurner for more such stuff!!

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