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How to Use Hum to Search Feature in Google: Step-By-Step Guide



Nowadays, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased immensely. Whether it is about finding restaurants online or looking for the best and traffic-free routes, AI helps us by analyzing a lot of things and showing the best possible result. For those who love to listen to songs, the most annoying thing is when a song phrase is continuously roaming in your mind, but unfortunately, you do not remember the song’s name. Don’t worry! Google will do it for us from now. Google has developed a new way to find songs name with the help of AI. Recently, Google has introduced a new feature called “Hum to Search”. Hum to Search feature will help us find the song’s name with a single line or phrase. Today, we have prepared a small guide on How to search for a song using Google Assistant using the “Hum to Search” feature. We have created the guide so that, everyone can understand it easily that how to use the feature efficiently. So, without any delay, let’s get started with a tune of “Hmmm” in our mind.

What is Google Hum To Search Feature?

The all-new Google Hum to Search feature will identify the songs we can not name. For that, we will just need to hum a single phrase of the particular song. After that, the feature itself will do its work. This Google Hum to Search feature will be so useful for users to identify the name of the songs. Now, Google is officially rolling out a stable update for all users. Moreover, iOS users will also be able to access this feature as well. However, it might not perform well on less heard songs. Though, Google will improve its time-by-time. Anyway, read ahead to know How to Hum to Search using Google.

How to Use Hum to Search a Song Feature by Google?

Here is the step by step guide of How to Use Hum to Search a Song Feature by Google. We hope that this will help you if you were facing any kind of issues using the same.

Step 1: The very first step is to open the Google App on your smartphone and tap on the Microphone icon.

Step 2: On the screen, you will get a “Search a song” button. Tap it. You can also trigger this by saying “Search a song” too.

Step 3: Now, Sing a small part of the song, which is roaming in your mind and you want to identify the name. You can also just buzz the music of the song using “Hmm”, as the name suggests.

Step 4: If Google finds songs similar to the hummed voice. It will show the result with a percentage sign. The percentile shows the probability of matching the desire results with the whistled song.

Step 5: If you weren’t able to get the results, repeat Steps 1-4 again.

That’s all for this article. We hope you liked it. The Google Hum feature either will be a hit or miss. As we said earlier, the feature will work well on popular songs and distinct melodies. However, we will see you at the next one. Till then, “Be Happy and Be Safe”.
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