How to Utilize Pro Mode in Smartphone Camera



Pro Mode in Smartphone

Smartphone cameras are getting better with every passing day. With new features, and options appearing in every new smartphone, it is safe to say that smartphones have evolved majorly. Smartphone cameras show major potential, and it is important to understand how the “Pro” mode for any smartphone camera works. With the “Pro” mode, you can even take photos equivalent to DSLR cameras. If not, this mode can make your mid-range smartphone camera take pictures like a flagship device. Sounds interesting, right? Here’s how to utilize Pro mode in smartphone camera very easily.

How to Utilize Pro Mode in Smartphone Camera?

If you were unaware that something like “Pro” mode even existed, we still have got your back. Check out these tricks to use your Pro Mode very efficiently.

Shutterspeed for Action Photography

Most smartphone cameras are nowadays coming out with the option of shutter speed. The functionality lets you control the time for which the digital shutter remains open for light. Keeping the shutter speed to a high number, allows more light to enter the lens. However, it is essential to keep the hands very steady, or else you might experience some motions blur effect due to the movement of the hand.

A slower shutter speed traps lesser light but is useful to click quick action images. Lower shutter speed is essential for freezing action in time as a photograph.

ISO to Reduce Noise in Low Light

Low-light photography can be a hassle. It is essential to understand that appropriate light makes for a better picture. Setting a lower value for ISO is useful when there is ample light in the surrounding, but when the light around is low, it is advised to have a higher value so that even the smallest source of light reaches the sensor. It is best to leave the setting on Auto, and let the sensor decide the ideal setting.

You could try using a longer shutter time and a lower ISO for a brighter image while keeping noise to a minimum. However, this needs a lot of stability with the help of a stand or a tripod.

Adjust the White Balance

White balance determines the tonality and the colour grade of an image. Some phone cameras tend to oversaturate or over cool the image. The option of white balance allows you to manually choose and settle for a colour grading that will sit well with the image and the details. The option of White Balance is available in almost all smartphone camera options.

Shoot RAW Images

Raw images are a format used majorly in DSLR cameras. The photos taken from a DSLR camera is RAW image. These images are easier to edit and colour grade while post-processing the image. Today, most camera-centric phones come with the option of shooting images in the RAW format. These images are larger than usual, as they have all the data captured that can be kept or discarded by you. RAW images keep your smartphones from post-processing the image, allowing you to tweak and keep only the things that you want to work with.

Smartphone cameras are evolving, and it is only anticipated to see where the technology might take the area of smartphone photography. Here is how you can utilize the Pro mode in any smartphone camera. To know more such tricks, keep an eye on TechBurner.

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