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Instagram, one of the fastest-growing app. We all know that Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram. So, we can expect that both will likely to get the same updates. Therefore, WhatsApp is going to get the Disappearing Message update in the coming days. And, a similar feature is coming with the Instagram New Update. The Instagram App Update will include Disappearing Message on Instagram. So, by the Instagram Disappearing message users will schedule self-destructing message. The New Instagram Update 2020 will consist of Disappearing Message. Therefore, read the full article to know more about the Instagram Update Release Date in India:

Instagram New Update: Disappearing Message in Instagram

Many new updates to the Instagram app are being provided. And, we have seen that Instagram has updated with the Dark Mode. Some other updates are rolled out, but it is not for the Global region. But, the new Instagram update will be exciting for many users as it will be including the Disappearing Message. WhatsApp will be the first to get this update. So, we are expecting that the Disappearing Message in Instagram will release soon after the arrival in the WhatsApp.

Instagram Disappearing Message: Features

The Disappearing Message is scheduled message which automatically gets deleted after a specific time. As it is testing in the WhatsApp and the message is self-destructing after 5 Seconds and 1Hr. But, we are expecting that more time intervals will be adding to bring more ease to the disappearing message. It is both good and bad features, As anyone can send you a verbal message which will be self-destructed after a specific time. But, we can also expect that notification in the Chat will appear, i.e., This Message is Self-destructed or maybe similar to it.

Instagram Update Release Date in India:

The new Instagram Update 2020 of Disappearing message is in development now. But, we can expect that the update will roll-out before June. 

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