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iOS 13.1 rolls out to Developers before official release



Apple has surprised the developers with new iOS 13.1 roll-out. As Apple announces iOS 13 in WWDC 2019. So, the iOS 13 download is available for beta-tester and coming weeks it will be available for all user. But. Apple has sent iOS 13 developer rollout. So, read the full article to know more about iOS 13.1 features with iOS 13 release date in India:

Apple iPhone iOS 13:

Apple is going to launch iOS 13 which was announced in WWDC 2019 and they have also roll-out the iOS 13.1 before the final release of iOS 13. But, it is not confirmed that it will be another update or it is next beta for iOS 13. There are lots of changes that we are going to see in upcoming iOS. Developers will be further adding more updates to it. But, before it, here are the details about the upcoming features in iOS 13:

iOS 13.1 Features:

As Apple is providing updates on Wide-system Dark mode, Siri, Browser, HEVC Video encoding and much more. iOS 13.1 beta versions include the previous feature that was removed in a later beta version of the iOS 13.

Dark Mode:

Apple is providing system-wide Dark Mode in new iOS 13. It will decrease battery usage as well as it will be good for our eyes. We can see dark mode in some apps but it will change the whole theme to dark which is good.


Therefore, Apple is giving major updates to the Map which includes 3D experience with 360° view which will help the users a lot. It will be available in Dark Mode and more improvements will be done in iOS 13.1.


As we know that Google Assistant is best than other assistants. So, in iOS 13 we will see the support of Hindi Language which will is impressive for Indian Users. After the update, Siri will work much than from iOS 12.

HEVC Video Encoding:

This feature is available in iOS 13.1 which includes editing of HEVC Video background. So, Apple is providing an update by which Users will be able to record HEVC Video with the alpha channel by which they can later change the background. It might also include Real-Time Video Background editing.

Audio Sharing Support:

Now, Users will be able to listen to two pairs of Airpods or Beats PowerBeats Pro from a single device. The device which will support it is iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPad (5th gen) or later and iPad touch (7th gen).

iOS 13 Release Date in India:

As the other iOS officially rolls out after the Apple Launch Event. So, we know that iPhone 11 is coming. Therefore, we will see the update after the launch event of the iPhone 11. The expected rollout date will be in the last week of September.

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