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Joe Biden Has Reversed Policy Decisions By Donald Trump



Recently, Joe Biden had signed an immigration bill that reversed all Donald Trump’s protectionist migration policies. One of the terms of the bill was to give US citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants. It also includes 500,000 from India. However, the bill does not implement on student who comes from another country and wants to study in US.


As per the immigration reforms, this will clear employment-based visa backlogs and also reduces lengthy wait times for approval. Moreover, the bill has also removed some other limitations from the visa. This immigration bill will help  H-1B visa, who are waiting for so long for approval. There are approximately 8 lakh Indians on employment visas such as H-1B visas and eagerly waiting for it to confirm. The bill makes it easier for student graduated from US universities with advanced STEM degrees to stay in the US.

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