Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 3i Specs Comparison: Who is the winner?



The all-new Mi Band 3i has arrived with the pricing of Rs. 1,299. As the old Mi Band 3 is priced at Rs. 1,799. So, many users are confused that which one to buy and which will be suitable for you. The Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 3i Specifications are much similar. But, we will give you an idea by which you will buy the right one according to your need. So, here is the Mi Band 3 and Band 3i Comparison which will let you know which one is the best. Therefore, read the full article to know the Mi Band 3 vs Band 3i winner:

Mi Band 3 and Band 3i Comparison:

The Mi Band 3 was the successor of Xiaomi Band. So, the Mi Band 3 sports 0.78-inch AMOLED which is same as the Band 3i, as it also features 0.78-inch AMOLED Display. Both devices have a Black and White display as only Mi Band 4 has a coloured display. Both the Band has 128×80 pixels of resolutions and 300 nits brightness. You can view notifications, chats, steps, calories burnt, etc on the display. By the button available on the display, you can accept and reject the call.

When we compare both the Band in respect of Battery life then, both gadgets have 110mAh of battery capacity. Band 3 and 3i takes 2.5 Hr of charging time. The Band can last up to 20 days. Both the device support charging method by Two Pogo Pin. The straps material of both devices is TPU. But, you can order your straps for both the devices.

Both the Band features 5ATM Water-resistant which is good for the users. By the water-resistant, your device will be protected from the drop of water and sweat which sudden falls on the Band. Both the Band has some extra functions like idle alert, phone tracker, event reminder, step count, sleep tracking and more. But the Band 3 has a heart rate sensor by which you can measure your heartbeat but it is not available in the Band 3i. You will also find a sport mode where you will find a lot of courses in running, walking, swimming, treadmill and more. So, you have to pair your device with Mi Fit App to get much information about your health. It can show the weather forecast for the upcoming 3 days. Both the device has Bluetooth v4.2 and compatible from Android v4.4 and iOS 9.0 and to the latest version.

Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 3i Specifications:

Here are the quick specs for both the Bands:

Model Band 3 Band 3i

0.78-inch AMOLED Display, 128×80 Pixels


110mAh, 20 Days Battery Life, 2.5 Hr for Full Charge



Strap Material



Android v4.4 to latest and iOS 9.0 to latest


Bluetooth v4.2

Sensor 3 axis accelerometer

PPG Heart Sensor

3 axis accelerometer


Extra Functions

Idle Alert, Phone Locator, Event Reminder, Step Count, Sleep Tracking and more

Mi Band 3 vs Band 3i Comparison: Result

We have seen that both the Bands have similar specs. Many features of the Band 3 and Band 3i were same. But, the main thing is of the features and price. As we know that the Band 3i is available around Rs. 1299 whereas the Band 3 available around Rs. 1799. But, you will only get the Heart sensor in Band 3. So, now it depends upon you and your daily uses. If you want to use the Heart sensor or you have to monitor your heartbeat then the Mi Band 3 will be good for you otherwise you can go for the all-new Mi Band 3i.

Don’t forget to comment down the Band 3 vs Band 3i result according to you.

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