Motorola Razr Retail Box Leaked – Check Out Specs and Indian Production Units



Last Year i.e 2019. Motorola had teased their $1,500 Foldable Razr Phone. However, they have Launched the Phone and had Sent them to Reviewers like Unbox Therapy, but that wasn’t Commercially Launched. Last Month i.e December 2019, Motorola has stated that the Commercial Launch didn’t happen because of the lack of supply. They have also said that they will Officially Launch the Smartphone, based upon Customer Demand. However, with the recent Leaks, the Latest Motorola Razr Smartphones are going to be manufactured in India, as per the Moto Razr Retail Box. There are even the Laked Photos of the Motorola Razr Box which have been Attached below. Also, have a look at the Motorola Razr Specs below…

Motorola Razr to be “Made in India”

According to the Leaks, the Triangle Motorola Razr Box Suggests that it has “Made in India” written on it. Basically, the General Manager of Lenovo-Motorola has disclosed a Photo of the Motorola Razr box. This Triangular Black Box is having the Manufacturing Date of 9th January 2020 along with a Text of Made in India. This one Suggests that the Production of the Latest Phone has been started and that too in India. However, there is still no News of Price Drop in India for this Device.

Motorola Razr Specs

Although the Device is going to be Launched at $1,500, it has Features like a Budget Smartphone. As the Smartphone is Foldable, it was kinda acceptable, but since the Samsung Galaxy Fold has Flagship-grade Features, the Motorola Razr looks like a kid to it. Anyways, have look at the Motorola Razr Specs below…

Display 6.20-inch Foldable Display + 2.7-inch Quick View Display
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
RAM and ROM 6GB and 128GB
Camera Primary – 16MP Rear CameraSecondary – 5MP Front Camera
Battery 2,510mAh Li-Pol Battery
Price About Rs. 1,06,091.25 ( $1,500 )
Additional Features Foldable Design, Dual Display, OLED Panel, etc.

Motorola Razr Launch Date in India

As the Box Suggests that the Production Date of 9th January 2020, the Smartphone is going to be launched soon. Also, as the Lenovo Officials said that they will Launch the Smartphone upon User Demand, we can expect it to be Launched soon. Although the Motorola Razr Specs aren’t that Lit, the Launch Demand may get lower.

Motorola Razr Price in India

As we have mentioned earlier, the Motorola Razr Price in India will be more than One Lakh Rupees. However, as the Phone is going to be Manufactured in India, the Price may get Lower. Also, the Specs which it has are not that much of Flagship-grade so the Sell may get Lower regarding the Price. Anyways, as of now, the Motorola Razr Price in India is $1,500 or Rs 1,00,000. We may need to wait a bit for Price Drop.

So, what do you think about the Motorola Razr Smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.


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