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Now You Can Use Edge Web Capture Full Page for PDF!



Microsoft has been upgrading Windows 11’s default browser with new features practically every month. Microsoft Edge’s new features include a feature-rich Edge PDF editor, password generator, vertical tabs, enhanced control over monitoring or alerts, and more in the browser. In early 2021, Microsoft Edge launched support for a feature called Web Capture. It allows you to snap full-page screenshots of websites with ease. But most of the users reported that to enhance the feature for Microsoft Edge’s PDF reader. That’s why Microsoft started working on an improved version of Edge Web Capture. Let’s see how to use Edge Web Capture full page PDF with updated features!

Microsoft Edge’s New Feature of Web Capture for PDF

Rather than creating a new snapshot tool for PDFs, Microsoft enhanced Edge’s Web Capture implementation. It can now snap full-page screenshots of PDF documents with multiple pages. You can use this feature in Edge Canary Version 99.0.1111.0.

To try the new Web Capture for PDF, first, download the Canary version of Microsoft Edge. Then you have to wait for the functionality to appear on your device.

1) After you’ve updated your browser, open a PDF

2) To access the menu, tap the three dots.

3) Choose Web Capture from the drop-down menu. This feature will launch a selection tool. It will enable you to capture the content of PDF documents, similar to screenshots for web pages.

Credits: Windows Latest

4)You can also activate the Web Capture selection tool with Ctrl+Shift+S and capture a screenshot of PDF pages. 

5) Pick the portions of pages that you wish to screenshot. 

6) When you’re finished, a new menu will open. Here, you will get the option to duplicate the clip or make comments.

You may use a range of colours to draw on the screenshots.

Microsoft is still evaluating Edge’s new feature of Web Capture for PDF documents. We assume they will formally deploy the functionality in the upcoming January or February.

Microsoft is also working on a major improvement to the Windows clipboard for Chromium Edge and Google Chrome. Also, Microsoft’s new API will enable users to copy and paste a broad range of files between the browser and native program.

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